Video Toolbox 2018: 250+ Small Business Resources

video resources

Depending on the target audience, context and platform, there will be occasions when your message can be best conveyed with a video. And the popularity of video content has risen tremendously in recent years, along with video creation software and hardware.

Even businesses who were watching from the sidelines have started thinking about jumping into the video arena. Most want to but aren’t sure how to. And many think it’ll cost thousands of dollars, or take weeks to plan, shoot or edit a high quality piece of video.

I believe you can do video, and you can do it fast and cheap, no matter the level of your skills or amount of resources. Regardless of the type of video you want to create, there are a lot of useful video tools and resources out there.

You don’t need all of these video resources to begin with. In fact, you can easily get started with just a webcam, mic and video creation software. But as you get more comfortable and grow as a video marketer, these video resources will help take your business to the next level.

I have also omitted many video tools which I thought will not be worth your time considering user experience, cost, trustworthiness or other factors. But if you think I have left out a video tool that deserves to be here, let me know.

Studio & Lightning Equipment

A great white light is a must to record professional looking, brighter videos. For video lighting, I use LimoStudio’s set of two 18W LED light bulbs with stands. And a tripod is essential to make sure the camera remains in an exact position.

Cameras,Webcams & Phones

I use the Logitech Pro Webcam C920 to record videos from my computer. But these days you can also record high quality videos with your smartphone. My LG G6, for instance, has a dual 13MP Rear Camera.

Microphones & Headsets With Mic

Most laptops these days come with built-in microphone. But the quality may not always be great. So you can either go with a headphone with built-in mic or standalone mic to record audio. I use a Blue Snowball iCE mic to get my voice captured while recording a video.

Storyboarding Tools & Templates

A storyboard is a sequence of drawings, typically with some directions and dialogue, representing the shots planned for a video. It lets you pre-visualize a video before you start with the production process.

Stock Videos/Footage

Find and download stock video footage clips, motion backgrounds, effects, templates and more for your website, promo video or anything else.

Screencasting/Webcam Recording

To capture the video of my desktop or webcam, I usually use the software that came by default with my Logitech Pro C920 Webcam. But the software that I use to edit my videos, CyberLink PowerDirector, also has those abilities.

Online Whiteboards

An online whiteboard can be used to write, draw and convey ideas in real time as you record videos for business and education. Most of these tools require nothing to install.

Animated, Whiteboard Or Presentations

Video presentations usually involve parallel recording of the speaker and his presentation slides at the same time. But you can just have the slides or animations with voice-over too.

Live Video Streaming

Broadcast yourself or an event for an audience to watch live. It’s easier than you might think, thanks to the popular live video broadcast tools available today.

Simple Video Creation/Editing

When you are done recording one or more videos, you’ll rely on your video software to edit, cut,  merge or convert them in a quick, easy and professional manner.

Video Creation/Editing On Mobile

When you are done recording one or more videos, you’ll rely on your video software to edit, cut,  merge or convert them in a quick, easy and professional manner.

Full-Featured Video Editing

When you are done recording one or more videos, you’ll rely on your video software to edit, cut,  merge or convert them in a quick, easy and professional manner.

Convert/Compress Videos

High-quality videos can take an eternity to upload, especially if they are long. How can you quickly compress or convert a video file? These tools work perfectly well!

Business Video Hosting + Analytics

Hosting your videos externally is the best way to go if you want to ensure your site remains speedy and you don’t run into bandwidth issues. Video marketing software these days not just host but also let you analyze performance of your videos.

Chats, Conferences & Webinars

Use video communication to hold and record chats, meetings, webinars, share ideas, and check in on each other. Here are the tools that consistently work well and let you host a video call whenever you want.

Blogs & Learning Resources

There are dozens of great blogs and websites that reveal the best tips and tutorials about making video work for you. From technical tricks to storytelling and going viral, these are sure to get you started on the right foot with video marketing.

Freelancers/Agencies For Hire

No matter the reason, hiring a freelance video professional can really pay off. Use these resources to find videographers, directors, video editors, and animators ready to create your video.


I hope this list of video production resources is a great place for you to start to create your own videos for social media and content marketing.

What video marketing tools have you tried? Have you tested any of the tools or resources listed above? I’d love to hear your feedback and experiences!