Link building and increased media exposure for Vibe (case study) 

Vibe sells in-ceiling speakers to entertainment-savvy homeowners. Its products are top-notch, but the company found it hard to navigate the increased competitiveness within its industry.

This forced Vibe to reimagine its marketing strategy so it could continue to expand its customer base and increase revenue.

The challenge

To keep pace in an extremely competitive digital landscape, Vibe tasked Smemark to uncover all potential growth marketing opportunities and make specific recommendations for how to capitalize on those.

Smemark partnered with Vibe to help develop a successful digital marketing strategy.

The solution

Smemark’s digital marketing experts audited Vibe’s current website and identified key areas of opportunity.

The SEO Strategists at Smemark chose two proven ways to help increase web traffic: SEO and getting featured in top publications in the electronics industry.

Smemark generated many contributed content opportunities, getting the brand featured in Electronic House and Ecoustics, nation’s leading publications in the electronics niche.

In addition, Smemark’s skilled SEO team developed and implemented several critical optimization components that helped meet and exceed projected goals, including:

  • Optimized their current website using high-volume keywords native to their area
  • Optimized metadata, images, tags, and body content
  • Converted their website to WordPress for a better user experience
  • Produced new content for their website and niche publications
  • Utilized guest blogging and media opportunities to help drive traffic to their site
  • Optimized local top-tier business listings for Google, Yelp, and LinkedIn
  • Updated the company blog and continued to provide fresh, relevant content.

The results

Vibe experienced impressive results and built a game-changing infrastructure for continuous growth. Some of those outcomes include:

  • 468% improvement in organic search traffic
  • 135% increase in online lead generation
  • 12.23% growth in website conversion rate

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