Top 8 Affiliate Marketing Programs In Technology Space

tech affiliate programs

If you have been building a website or blog around topics related to software, apps, electronics or other similar products, there are plenty of affiliate programs to choose from.

It depends on your niche because even within the tech space, you can go in a hundred different directions. Your focus on a target audience and their challenges will help you decide the kind of products you will promote.

Once you’ve narrowed down on your topics, you can use this list of tech affiliate programs to pick the ones that suit your website the best.


Microsoft needs no introduction, but their affiliate program does. As an affiliate, you can get paid for referring sales to Microsoft PCs, tablets, video games and more; plus for digital products like apps, music and more.

You’ll be provided with image banners and text links. Commission rates vary from 5% to 10% depending on the product, with a 14-day cookie duration.

Website Hosting

With more and more people launching their own websites, or dissatisfied with their current web host, there is always demand for high quality hosting.

So you can make money by reviewing and recommending by what you believe to be the right host for a website. If you have taken the time to build trust with your audience, then your visitors will be more likely to go with your recommendation.

Almost every major web hosting company has an affiliate program, including Siteground, Kinsta, DreamHost and more.

Website Apps/Tools

Just like people will always need websites, they will also need new features and tools for their websites. For example, they will need to embed contact forms, newsletters, social media buttons, shopping cart and more.

So by referring them to useful and high quality plugins and solutions for their website, you can help them and make money at the same time. Depending on the CMS that most of your visitors use, you can recommend the compatible apps.

Take WordPress for example. Most popular WordPress plugins have their own affiliate programs, which you can join for free and start promoting. Same is the case with Shopify, Magento or BigCommerce.

Website Templates

Another important step in website creation is to make it look and feel like you want. And there are thousands of ready-made designs, called themes or templates, to choose from, depending on the platform being used to create the website.

Just like website hosting and app companies, most of the theme design companies also have affiliate programs that pay you a percentage of each sale. Some prominent marketplaces with affiliate programs include Themeforest, My Theme Shop and Creative Market.

Tiger Direct

A massive variety of tech items is available on this website, which has been around for more than 20 years. Products include PCs, printers, software, scanners, projectors and more.

You can promote any products by generating text links, and expect flat commission rate of 3% for all sales.


NewEgg is an online electronics retailer with an affiliate program that pays up to 2.5% commission for any sales you generate. It’s one of the Internet’s most reputable retailers with high conversion rates.

There are over 500,000 products to choose from, which you can promote with text, banner and deep links for any product on the website.


ThinkGeek started as a place for clever t-shirts and unusual gifts. But it’s the go to online store for all things geek. Products include apparel, home decor, office decor, electronics, survival gear, outdoor and more.

ThinkGeek uses CJ to manage their affiliate program. And you can earn commissions of up to 9% for the sales that happen through your affiliate links.


If you have a website that leans towards gaming and toys, HobbyTron is the most relevant affiliate program for you. This is because it sells all types of RC toys and drones.

The commission rate is 8%, along with 90-day tracking cookies. So you can be sure to get credit if someone buys the product even after weeks of clicking the link. Promotion is via links and banners.