Knowledge base content creation, management, and optimization for Sprinklr (case study)

Sprinklr offers the world’s most complete enterprise Social Media Management System (SMMS), used by 99 of the Fortune 100. It’s purpose-built to help large brands create, manage, and optimize valuable social experiences.

The challenge

Sprinklr wanted to capture more market opportunities with up-to-date and complete knowledge base documentation. They wanted technical content to be written correctly and on time, keeping up with their feature roadmap and release schedule.

Our solution

Smemark planned and led the product documentation project for Sprinklr. Smemark took charge of testing and documenting new product features.

We built an excellent team, learned fast, and got the whole team producing high-quality technical content. We hired, managed, and led a team of 10 technical writers, editors, and content managers to achieve:

100% Release Documentation – Information gathering, usability testing, writing, and review of over 300 documents per release.

Knowledge Portal Feedback Resolution – Information gathering, usability testing, writing, and review of over 100 documents per month. Resolving documentation queries and involving success managers as needed.

Knowledge Management – Identifying and filling knowledge gaps. Fixing accessibility, redirections, broken links, and search results.

Knowledge Websites Administration – User Roles, Settings & Integration of KP sites. Resolving and troubleshooting issues.

The results

Sprinklr is in a better place today because of our leadership and guidance.

100% documentation per release

200+ features per release

150+ updates per month

-80% time per deliverable

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