PPC Google & Bing Ads Services: A Fast and Efficient Way to Generate Revenue

PPC campaign can grow a business overnight if it’s managed well—or it can waste incredible amounts of money. In the world of PPC, knowing your business’s market is only half the picture. You have to couple in-depth, market-specific research with PPC management best practices. Outsourcing paid search management to a professional PPC agency gets the most out of the advertising dollar.

Why SEM/PPC Advertising?

In most cases, SEM has come to mean the same as PPC - a type of online advertising within search engine results. You can target your ads to users searching for specific search terms related to your products/services. Businesses bid to show their ads as a result generated when a particular keyword is searched by a user.

Display ads can also be shown on specific websites that relate to your business. A business is charged only when someone clicks on the ad. Hence the name pay-per-click (PPC).

With an estimated industry spend of $129.34 billion in 2019, Search Engine Marketing (SEM) is a thriving and powerful strategy that quickly generates increased high-intent traffic to your website. PPC ads are one of the top three sources of website conversions. And there's more:

PPC visitors are 50% more likely to purchase something than organic visitors. (Unbounce)

Google Ads receive 65% of the clicks from buying keywords, while organic results get 35%.

33% of people click on a search ad as it directly answers their search - Search Engine Land

Digital advertising is a fast-paced industry. As a result, an effective ad campaign must be adaptable and cutting-edge in order to keep up and get the best possible ROI. We have the expertise and drive needed to get you great results, whether you are a Fortune 500 company or a small startup.

PPC Management Packages & Pricing

Before we get into the average PPC advertising costs, let’s first take a look at how the pricing model works. There are two different types of Google Ad campaigns you can launch – search and display network:

seach ppc ad

Search Ads

  • Ads shown on top and bottom of search results pages.
  • Ads are triggered by search query submitted by user.
  • Users are actively looking for information or solution.
display ad 4

Display Ads

  • Ads shown in/near content of interest to the user.
  • Ads triggered by topics/websites targeted by the business.
  • Users are interested but not actively looking for your offer.

When you launch PPC advertising campaigns on the search network or display network, you pay each time a user clicks on your ad.

The average cost of a search ad is around $1.5 per click, and display ad is about $0.6 per click. It can be more or less in your campaign depending on your location, nature of business and competition.

The average and recommended SEM budget is:

  • $5000 to $12,000/month for small business.
  • $12,000 to $25,000/month for medium enterprise.
  • $25,000+/month for large enterprise.

However, you don’t have to start with that kind of budget. In fact, we recommend creating a campaign with small budget first to be able to test what kind of costs and performance you can expect in the long run.

You also need an expert with experience to create and manage your SEM campaigns. Here, you have two options: train and delegate to someone in-house, or hire a PPC specialist.

Delegating to someone who may not know what he is doing isn't safe as it may increase your costs, get poor results and tarnish your brand. On the other hand, if you hire an in-house SEM expert, it's going to be expensive.

This is where our managed PPC service comes in, which includes full setup, maintenance, optimization and management of your SEM campaigns, wrapped up with affordable price tags.


$ 600
  • per campaign per month
  • for budgets less than $5000/month


$ 1200
  • per campaign per month
  • for budgets $5000 to $12000/month


$ 2400
  • per campaign per month
  • for budgets $12k to $25k/month


$ 3600
  • per campaign per month
  • for budgets more than $25k/month

You're protected by our 30 days money back guarantee. If for any reason you're not satisfied by our work, just let us know and we'll release a prompt refund.

Our PPC Advertising Process

Learn: Analyze Your Business & Competition

We start with a detailed analysis of your market and competition to determine the best PPC advertising approach for your campaign. We also nail down the campaign structure and set up realistic, attainable, and measurable goals for your campaign.

Build: Get All The Campaign Components In Place

After we set up your campaign, it’s time to get the targeting and creatives ready for your ads. We create the initial ad groups and ads that include your website products or services. Next, we design and develop the banners/links if required for display ads.

Grow: Start Managing & Improving Campaign

Every search engine marketing campaign is a dynamic process. We continually review and modify keywords, placements, ad copies, bids and structure for maximum performance. We meet with you monthly to explain your PPC ads campaign in detail.

Need a custom solution or have questions? Our PPC management advisors are here for you right now, call or whatsapp at +91-9958633158 or email contact (at) smemark (dot) com.

How We Make Your Campaign Successful?

The performance of a PPC/SEM campaign is not measured in pure clicks. We can’t even measure it solely by conversions. It comes down to one all-important metric: The Overall ROI. What’s the cost to acquire new customers vs. how much is that customer worth? How much money will they usually generate once they have converted to a customer? And to make sure you get as much ROI as possible, our PPC management plan includes:

Keyword Research

We choose the right keywords to target. These aren’t just any keywords that relate to your business. They’re strategic and designed to maximize your PPC ROI.

CLV Based Analysis

Knowing what a customer is worth will help you know how much you can spend to acquire that customer. You’ll be able to better calculate your PPC campaign ROI. We'll help you figure it out.

Deep Targeting

We target specific locations, demographics, and keywords which are going to add the most value to your bottom line. Mass advertising with generic options generates less than mediocre results.

Scheduling & Automation

If you are a business likely to get the best value when your ads are shown according to certain conditions (for example, hours of the day), we'll automate ads to show only as per the rules.

Ad Copy & Creatives

We'll write compelling ads that convey your value and get a high click rate. If you plan on running display ads, we'll design engaging banners which are also consistent with your brand.

Create/Optimize Landing Page

Your landing pages need to seamlessly align with the ads. If you haven't created yet, we can write and design them, while keeping in mind whether you need short or long landing pages.

Track & Optimize Campaign

You can’t set and forget a PPC campaign. We measure the right metrics, monitor and capture valuable insights from the metrics, and adapt the PPC campaign based on findings.

Find New Opportunities

We keep a tab on what other campaigns are running on your target keywords and the strategies and keywords they are using to improve. Then we find ways to get ahead of them.

Maintain High Quality Score

Search engines wants to show the most relevant ads to searchers. This relevance is measured by a metric called Quality Score, which we maintain by providing an exceptional user experience.

Segmented Structuring

Once we have decided what offerings and audience attributes to target, we divide your campaigns/ad groups based on specific segments to get better engagement at a low cost.

Why Choose Smemark?

We do not believe in a one-size-fits-all approach to digital advertising. As a premier SEM agency, we understand that a good digital advertising strategy must be custom-tailored to your business, your audience and your goals.

Industry Leading Expertise

We are proud to be a Google Ads Partner. We take part in cutting-edge training for the latest and greatest digital advertising tools – even before they become widely available. Our PPC specialists are well-versed in advanced advertising strategy, taking your ad account from just “ok” to “awesome!”

Consistent Attention

The #1 mistake advertisers make is the “set it and forget it approach.” Our team gives each of our clients consistent attention throughout our partnership. We constantly test, evaluate and implement strategies to improve your ROI, whether you are brand new, or have partnered with us for years.

100% Transparency

We report on everything, the good and the bad. Did you know many agencies restrict access to a business’s own ad account? So if your partnership ends, so does your ad account and all the work that went into it. At Smemark, we believe your account should always belong to you, no matter what. No accounts held hostage.

No Long Term Contracts

There are no long-term contracts or lock-ins at our PPC marketing agency. If not satisfied with the performance, our partners can leave our service with only a 30-day notice. That means we have to earn your business every single month. If our PPC ad campaigns are not performing, we don't get paid.

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PPC Advertising Done Right

PPC provides the opportunity for businesses to thrive, but it’s also a race to the top and to see which businesses can provide the best experience. Luckily you have our experts at Smemark on your side to help you dominate your competition. Our team continuously stays up to date so we can provide you with the best services possible – and help you save time and money. Our team understands what it takes to win this PPC battle and outbid competitors.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Need a custom solution or have questions? Our PPC management advisors are here for you right now, call or whatsapp at +91-9958633158 or email contact (at) smemark (dot) com.

Agencies/Freelancers, Grow With Smemark

Are you a SEM or PPC freelancer/agency owner? Our reseller program makes it easy to start or grow your advertising business. Our managed PPC service is designed to support the way you do business, so that you can better serve your customers.

You can purchase our managed SEM service for your clients in bulk at a discount and charge them under your own brand, at your own annual price. Hire us to createand manage SEM campaigns for at least 5 brands in bulk, and we'll give you a 10% discount.

This will help you scale and add a recurring revenue stream to your business, without any overhead. Let us do all the technical work while you reap the benefits.

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