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As long term clients and partners, some of the world's best companies trust Smemark to deliver on their expectations. Here are some of our previous projects with clients, samples of work, and the results we have delivered.

Media Feature Placements For Vibe Speaker Co

Vibe sells in-ceiling speakers to entertainment-savvy homeowners. Vibe approached Smemark for help with their PR strategy.

Within a month, Smemark was able to generate a number of contributed content opportunities such as featured in Electronic House and Ecoustics, nation's leading publications in the electronics niche.

The result was increased brand awareness and media interest around Vibe.

homepro case

HomePro AV is a home electronics retail and installation company in Kentucky. Jason Griffith, the founder of HomePro, approached Smemark for help with the development and execution of a comprehensive SEO strategy.

Within 3 months, Smemark got Page 1 rankings for dozens of competitive keywords as a result of highly optimized landing pages and laser targeted link-building.

ekatrra case

Ekatrra, an online store selling affordable designer-wear, hired Smemark to optimize their Google AdWords account. We re-organized existing campaigns into tightly-themed campaigns and ad groups, and added new standardized sets of ad copy.

Continual testing allowed us to steadily improve conversion rates. In our 3-month span with Ekatrra, we increased average monthly pageviews by 156%, decreased average cost per click by 47%.

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It's Time To Get Noticed

• give your skin the deep, lasting moisture and glow it has lost over the years

• soothe and soften inflamed skin, cracked heels and hands

• get rid of stretch marks, eczema, chapped lips, sunburns, wind burns once and for all

• see your baby smile again with no diaper rashes and other skin ailments

Crunchy Balm is a healing, whole-skin, tallow balm which is

1) full of vitamins and minerals that feed your skin and help repair it, making it soft and supple.

2) free of petroleum based ingredients, artificial colors, ingredients or fragrances, chemicals and GMO’s

Obviously, our main ingredient is tallow. But not just any tallow. Our tallow comes only from grass-fed cows pastured on organically grown grass, resulting in a product rich in nutrients and free of pesticides and other toxins.

Once you start applying the Crunchy Balm, we promise your hands and feet won't remain the scaly things they used to be. And you won’t believe how fast rashes and sore bums clear up with a swipe of this balm.

Don’t let the dry winter weather take its toll on your delicate sensitive skin. Crunchy balm is safe, natural and effective for the whole family.

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Why Do We Use Tallow?

Our ancestors were way smarter than we give them credit for. Do you know that they frequently used tallow to moisturize and protect their skin?

Yet somewhere along the way we were led to believe that plant-based products were superior, although their chemistry does not match our skin well.

The Best Match For Your Skin

The cell membranes that make up our skin consist primarily of fatty acids. Tallow is a rare ingredient that has a fatty acid profile most similar to the skin.

So when applied to the skin, this results in thorough absorption of the tallow balm. The essential vitamins, minerals and fatty acids in tallow get fully assimilated into your skin, truly feeding it. Only a small amount of tallow is needed at a time as a little goes a long way.

Enriched With Essential Nutrients

Though plant based oils and butters can be wonderful, animal products (like tallow) offer your skin a unique set of nutrients.

These include vitamins A,D, E, and K in perfect harmony with their activators along with anti-inflammatory CLA, the very nutrients your skin has been most likely missing out on!

Clean up your personal care routine and try our incredibly PURE and nourishing tallow-based balms.

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A Slow But Certain Threat That Can Compromise Your UPS (& What To Do About It)

Among the many components of a UPS, any can eventually fail and cause catastrophic loss in absence of regular maintenance. But the most dangerous are the parts for which the failure isn't immediately noticeable.

One such component is the capacitor. A capacitor is among the most ignored and least understood components of a UPS.

When capacitor failure happens, you may not notice right away. But it's not safe to assume that the UPS is still functioning properly and that your performance will not be negatively affected.

More often than not, capacitor failure can push your UPS system into bypass mode, making the critical loads vulnerable.

What Do Capacitors Do?

The job of a capacitor is to smooth out any voltage fluctuations that occur. Each UPS usually has multiple capacitors working in combination to condition the power that gets supplied to the UPS, plus the power output that goes through into your equipment.

Now what's tricky with capacitors is that if one fails, another will step up and take the burden off the failed capacitor. So you'll not notice any significant effects instantly.

You may think that there is no reason to worry in such a case because the UPS is still working and there are more capacitors to account for the failure of one, but this isn't a proactive approach to manage a facility which relies on a stable source of power.

Instead of focusing only on putting out fires that may be damaging your business and operations, a better approach is to prevent the fires from starting in the first place while you can. Plus, there is another reason to be concerned:

Capacitor Failure Isn't That Simple

The extent of damage that a capacitor failure can cause also depends on the condition it was in when it failed.

• When a capacitor gets compromised in an "open" condition, it'll simply stop working.

• But when it fails in a "short" condition, it can cause a leak of the dielectric medium.

• And if the venting puts too much pressure, this can lead to an explosive "pop"

Although most capacitors are designed in such a manner that the electrolyte releases gently in case of a leak, but there are no guarantees that things will work as designed in the real world. In the worst case, the corrosive substance can reach and impact other components.

What'll Happen To The UPS?

If you're still wondering how all this would affect the UPS, this again doesn't have a simple answer. It depends on the current health of capacitors, whether they are functioning in series or in parallel, and the section where they are located.

But the main point is: a failed capacitor is not something that'll instantly take down your UPS, but it's definitely affecting its health and performance.

If a capacitor has failed in an "open" condition, you'll not even witness any leaks or signs of problem. Though the problem is there, and it can't be ignored.

The performance of your UPS will be affected and the its filtering ability will not be same as before. As the Eaton paper puts it, a typical three-phase UPS shifts to bypass mode when a capacitor in the power train gets compromised.

So What's The Solution?

Since it's difficult to detect a capacitor failure, the best approach is to nip the problem in the bud before it arises. The steps below can ensure that your operations are safe from power failure:

#1. Monitor Shelf Life

Your UPS capacitors should be subjected to a thorough assessment, typically after every 6 years. This inspection includes thermal scanning; visual scanning and more to identify and resolve critical risks.

#2. Proactive Capacitor Replacement

This paper by Emerson is a very useful resource to keep a check on life cycle of both AC and DC capacitors. It's important that either you or your service provider knows everything that should be included in UPS lifecycle maintenance.

#3. Consistent UPS Maintenance

Regular maintenance from a trusted provider will make your UPS and operations more efficient and safe. This will include testing of fans, cleaning of filters, removal of dust and more.

As a result of quality maintenance and service, your UPS will continue to operate at a cooler temperature and cap life will significantly improve.

Finally, I understand that capacitors can be a tricky area of facility operators. There are different types of failures causing varying levels of impact, leading to a sense of uncertainty.

That's why preventative maintenance is the only route one should adhere to. Sitting idle and doing nothing until a capacitor failure occurs can incur huge replacement costs down the line, along with intense pressure and frustration.

lakme case

Lakme Academy is a training company offering classroom programs in makeup, skincare, hair styling and more to prepare students for a lucrative career in the entertainment, beauty and fashion industries.

With a Faceboom lead generation campaign created and managed by Smemark, Lakme Academy went from generating 150 leads to 300+ per month, while cost per lead reduced by 52%.

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