9 Best Plagiarism Checker Tools In 2023 Reviewed

No matter what your field, if you are required to produce or use a piece of written work, you will find a plagiarism checker useful for checking if your content has been copied from other sources.

Failing to check the work you are going to write or use, whether for personal, academic or business use, can result in heavy penalties. Moreover, plagiarized content makes you more likely to tarnish your reputation.

Caught or not, plagiarism is unethical and it can land you in very hot waters with the law.

Plagiarizers leverage on the fact that the internet is vast, so they count on the odds of you not finding the original content.

If you want to keep your content 100% original, then you should invest in buying a plagiarism detector app.

A plagiarism detector is a software that lets you check your document and compare it with others on the web to see if there are duplicates.

While there are hundreds of plagiarism checker tools in the market, only a handful work really well. So we tested and came up with the best plagiarism detectors you can use to ensure originality. Let’s begin.

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    Copyscape Plagiarism Software

    copyscape for plagiarism

    There are several plagiarism tools that can help you scour the internet to see if your work contains duplicate texts or if they have been used without your permission.

    One of the most popular tools for this is Copyscape.

    Copyscape is popular among writers who publish a lot of content. It is not free, but the results will be well worth the money spent.

    It’s simple to use. Just type in the URL of your web content and Copyscape will identify unique sources of the content that it considers as plagiarized sentences.

    Copyscape also has a helpful feature for catching content scrapers. Its trackback notification will alert you anytime there’s a link back to your site.

    If a particular site always links to your posts, then there’s a chance that they are reposting your content.


    • Clean user interface
    • Provides badge to deter content scrapers
    • Finds copied content quickly on WordPress sites via its own plugin


    • Its free package is very limited

    Copyscape has free and premium packages. Subscription starts at $0.03/200 words.

    EduBirdie Plagiarism Tool

    edubirdie for plagiarism

    This is one of the most easy to use tools in the list. It is perfect for students and small businesses on a budget because it’s free. There are no paid subscriptions for usage, and you don’t need to register. Plus, it’s really fast and gives accurate results.


    • It’s online. There’s no need to download anything. Does not require registration to use.
    • User-friendly and easy to use interface.
    • Supports multiple languages and ways to submit content. You can copy and paste the content, or drop a file, which could be .pdf, .doc, .docx, .txt, .rtf, .odt.
    • No usage limits. Use as much as you want for free.
    • Works fast – checks in 20 seconds more or less.
    • Correct results – good at finding original sources. I created a piece of content with parts copied from a book, a scholarly article and the web. It was able to detect all the sources.


    • Cannot check more than 19,900 characters at once.

    Final Verdict: Highly recommended. Make sure to use it before submitting or using a piece of content for any purpose.

    Grammarly Plagiarism Detector

    grammarly for plagiarism

    Grammarly is not primarily known as a plagiarism detector, but it is still one of the most sophisticated plagiarism checkers in the market.

    Being a multipurpose tool, it makes it easy for writers to edit, scan, and publish their works without using separate tools.

    The free version will tell you whether plagiarism was found in your text or not.

    But if you want Grammarly to check your work automatically while you edit, then you need to pay for the pro version.


    • Scans content directly from the editor
    • Convenient and user friendly interface
    • Uses ProQuest database to scan papers
    • Available on Google doc


    • Only supports English-language
    • Registration is necessary but free plan is limited. It only indicates whether plagiarism was found or not.
    • Not accurate enough. Does not detect all instances of plagiarism.

    Grammarly has both free and premium plans. Premium plans start at $11.66 per month.

    Duplichecker Plagiarism Tool

    duplichecker for plagiarism

    Duplichecker is one of the most popular plagiarism checker apps online for free. It compares your work with the content already published online.


    • The tool has an easy to use interface. Results are clearly presented in two separate sections.
    • It’s completely free. There’s no charge of any amount of usage.
    • Multiple ways to submit content. You can upload a doc or text file, or paste in the text area.


    • There’s a limit of up to 1000 words to submit at once. 1500 if you sign up though, which is also free. So checking longer pieces of content may get time-consuming.
    • Misses the mark a lot of time. It’s not completely thorough and may not catch all traces of copied content.
    • Plastered with banner ads all over, which is a bit off-putting.

    Final Verdict: I get that it’s free, but if it can’t perform its core purpose with absolute certainty, then that’s a deal breaker for me.

    PlagScan Plagiarism Software

    plagscan for plagiarism

    PlagScan is also one of the top plagiarism software to read your documents accurately.

    PlagScan isn’t nearly as famous and efficient as Copyscape and Grammarly, but it still makes for an excellent alternative.

    It has unique plans useful for different educational and business services, and private plans for your custom needs.

    They charge these plans based on the quantity of work that you want to scan. The more words you check, the cheaper you will pay per word.


    • Tailored for teachers and higher institutions
    • Provides external resources and tips to avoid plagiarism
    • No need for installation


    • May take longer to generate reports (especially during peak hours)

    Plan & Pricing

    PlagScan subscription starts at $1/1000 words per student and $5.99 for individual accounts.

    Copyleaks Plagiarism Tool

    copyleaks for plagiarism

    Copyleaks claims that it uses sophisticated AI technology to help users detect plagiarism in their content. This plagiarism detector has a nice interface, but usage is after registration only.

    The webpage does a great job at describing Copyleaks, with its strengths and user segments. After playing around with it, I found that it lives up to these claims.


    • Apart from copying and pasting text, you can upload a range of formats.
    • The software doesn’t have any restrictions on language.
    • 3rd party addons like for MS-Office and Google Docs are also available to make checking convenient.
    • Scan results are pretty accurate. Even if your text is 100% plagiarized, it would probably identify 98 of it.


    • It’s mandatory to register, with email verification. This is not really a con, but a little hassle worth noting.
    • Registered users can avail a free trial, which allows for checking about 10 pages, or 2500 words.
    • To check more than 2500 words per month, you’ll need to pay for a monthly plan, which starts from $24.99/month. This pricing is a bit on the high side.

    Final Verdict: For such a high price, I’d expect Copyleaks to be 100% thorough, which is not the case. Still, all things considered, it’s a good plagiarism detection software.

    Turnitin Plagiarism App

    turnitin for plagiarism

    Turnitin is perhaps the “strictest” plagiarism checker you will find on this list.

    It scans your entire document for copied sentences and generates a report showing the URL of the duplicated content.

    You will love its interface as it lets you navigate seamlessly throughout the report.

    The sources of your content are differentiated with several colors and it has dedicated sections for students and instructors.


    • Provides comprehensive report and links to original sources
    • Allows for multiple uploads
    • Generate reports in less than 48 hours


    • May be slow to refresh.
    • Cannot scan figures or tables

    Turnitin pricing depends on the size of your document. Starts at $18.95.

    Plagiarisma Software

    for plagiarism tool

    Plagiarisma is another option for plagiarism detection. It supports several file formats and you can also submit a URL.


    • Support for a lot of languages.
    • It uses many search engines to detect plagiarism
    • The matter of free and paid usage is unclear.


    • The interface could be better.
    • You cannot enter more than 2000 characters in one search.
    • There are different paid packages to pick from.
    • Results are not very accurate.

    ProWritingAid Plagiarism Tool

    prowriting aid for plagiarism

    ProWritingAid is the most similar to Grammarly on this list.

    It is very popular among writers who want to make their work look professional without being professionals themselves.

    But unlike Grammarly, the ProWritingAid pricing plan does not include its plagiarism tool in its free version. You can only access it when you purchase the premium version or a separate plagiarism detector package.

    It has extensions that are easy to integrate with third-party apps like WordPress, Chrome, and LinkedIn. So you can check your content with only a few clicks.


    • Scans documents directly via extensions
    • Light-weighted and easy-to-use interface
    • Wide range of grammatical and vocabulary options


    • Costly priced
    • Plagiarism checker and grammar editor are separated

    The annual plan starts from $60 and lifetime access costs $255.


    Plagiarism will continue to be a problem for content creators. Thankfully, there are tools to prevent you from falling on the wrong side of copyright laws.

    The above tools are some of the best plagiarism checkers you will find to buy anywhere. You can buy any of them to scan your document for duplicate sentences. This way, you ensure that you avoid any copyright infringement.

    Have you ever been penalized for plagiarism? How did you deal with it and which plagiarism detector do you currently use? Let us know in the comments section below.

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