12 Tools To Accelerate Your Blogger Outreach Campaigns In 2020

blogger outreach tools

Blogger outreach is one of the best ways to build backlinks, promote your content and secure better guest post opportunities.

By reaching out to bloggers in your niche, it is possible to grow your brand online at a faster rate. Hence, you don’t need to think twice about putting a proper blogger outreach strategy in place.

However, handling the entire blogger outreach process manually can be considerably time consuming. From finding relevant bloggers and their contact information to sending emails and follow-ups, there’s a lot to manage.

So it is essential to automate the things you can, without compromising on the authenticity of your approach.

As long as your outreach emails convey that you have put effort in getting to know the recipient and what’s in it for them, the following blogger outreach tools can really help streamline the process of finding, emailing and tracking your interactions with bloggers in your niche.

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buzzsumo outreach tool

Buzzsumo is a content research tool which you can use to find top pieces of content related to your niche, based on how many backlinks and social shares are associated with them.

In addition, you can also search for influencers based on topics and locations. Buzzsumo also lets you see the type of content those influencers are sharing the most, along with topics and domains.

Buzzsumo packages start from $79/month for the Pro plan, which is usually sufficient for most needs. All plans come with a free 7 day trial.

Hitesh's take:

Though a lot of top marketers swear by this tool, I frankly have not been able to fully understand the value it provides. From my experience of the trial, the search results and metrics I got were either misleading or not of much use.

When I sorted results by DA for example, I was expecting to find websites and bloggers with high domain authority. But the data was skewed by social profiles of those websites.

If a blogger has a YouTube channel, then just because YouTube has DA 100, doesn’t mean he or she deserves to be shown near the top of BuzzSumo search results.

Same thing happened when I sorted results by number of Twitter followers. Someone with 10,000 followers can’t be called an influencer if he gained those followers by following 20,000 people. You know what I mean!

In another case, I searched for top performing content on a topic and sorted by number of backlinks, and the top 5 results were some landing pages of low authority websites, and not content pages.

It just doesn’t seem to correctly index all the backlinks and show accurate data. Nor does it try to fetch or help with finding contact information of bloggers.

Maybe it’s just me, but if there’s something I am missing about this tool, or you know something that I don’t, I am all ears.

buzzstream blogger outreach tool

BuzzStream is another popular blogger outreach software used by thousands of marketers. It lets you research influencers, carry out personalized and efficient outreach, and manage relationships with bloggers.

Key features of BuzzSteam include:

Email Templates - With BuzzStream, you can choose from pre-written templates based on the objective of your blogger outreach campaign.

Campaign Management - BuzzStream lets you craft and send emails to your list of target bloggers, as well as schedule follow ups and reminders.

Email Analytics - It gives you detailed stats on open rates, click rates and response rate of your email outreach campaigns. You can see what’s working and what’s not, and alter accordingly.

Blogger Research - Search for relevant topics and keywords to find bloggers who write content on those topics. You will also be able to see details about their online presence.

You can also upload a custom list of URLs. Buzzstream will automatically examine each website to discover contact information, traffic stats, social metrics and more.

Contact Identification - BuzzStream identifies contact information and popularity metrics for a lot of your target blogs and websites. Though this feature needs a bit of improvement in my experience.

There is also a chrome extension which allows you to prospect while browsing. There is a Starter plan at $24/month but it’s really limited in terms of number of contacts and search results you get.

You’ll need the Group plan at least to be able to use BuzzStream at full potential, which costs $99/month. There is a 14-day free trial you can avail to try the tool before making a purchase.

Hitesh's take:

From my experience of the trial, I really liked how easy it was to find relevant content and bloggers on a topic.

But getting to their contact information was another story. I found myself trying to manually scout for email addresses using other techniques. If BuzzStream can do something about that, it’ll save a lot of time and give a lot of value to users.

ninja outreach software

Ninja Outreach is the most well-known blogger outreach software in the market. With a database of over 70 million influencers, you are sure to find those that fit your campaign goals and run a successful blogger outreach campaign.

You can also filter data on bloggers based on number of followers they have on social media. Here are the most prominent features:

Email Automation & Analytics: You can send emails to your target bloggers in bulk, automate follow ups, and also track metrics like open rate, response rate and click rate.

Personal Outreach Inbox: Ninja Outreach has an in-app inbox which can sync with your email client. This feature makes tracking easy by letting you copy conversations, check history and follow up.

Outreach Templates: Save time by picking up one of the pre-made email templates, which you can customize to better connect with each blogger and meet your objective.

Email Finder: The built-in email finder lets you find a blogger’s email address from their domain name. There is also a chrome extension for the same.

There is a 7-day free trial, and packages start from $49 per month, in which you can have up to 1000 contacts and send 50,000 emails. This is sufficient for most individual users.

Hitesh's take:

Ninja Outreach is among the most useful and affordable tools on this list. When playing around with the trial, I was able to find a lot of relevant people and websites when searching for a topic, as well as names and email addresses of bloggers to reach out to.

mailshake email outreach tool

Mailshake is a cold email outreach software, launched by Sujan Patel. Compared to some of the other tools on the list, Mailshake is only for sending, managing and tracking your emails to bloggers.

It doesn’t let you find and build a target list of bloggers. Key features of Mailshake are:

Automatic Follow-up Emails: Mailshake lets you schedule follow up emails, which can be triggered by link clicks. It also makes sure that follow-ups are not sent to people who have already replied.

3rd-Party Integrations: You can integrate Mailshake with other platforms like Zapier, Salesforce and Google Forms for a more unified strategy and system in place.

Email Templates: A wide range of templates are available to pick from depending on the type of blogger outreach campaign you are conducting.

Personalization: You can merge fields from your data into the campaign message to personalize your email.

Pricing starts from $29/month per user. You will get all the essential features in the basic plan, except integrations with Salesforce and Slack. There is no free trial, but you get a 30-day money back guarantee if you are not happy with the service.


Snovio is another great solution for cold outreach automation. I have been using its chrome extension for a while now and it's great at finding emails of prospects for my outreach.

In addition, you can also validate email addresses and send emails to those prospects using Snovio. Key features of Snovio are:

Find Emails From Websites & LinkedIn: As I said, Snovio's domain and LinkedIn email search helps you get fast access to email addresses. You also get data on names and job positions when looking up emails.

Email Verification: With Snovio, you can clean your email lists individually or in bulk. This lets you filter out invalid or outdated emails and improve delivery rates.

Email Drip Campaigns: Create triggered sequences and send drip campaigns with goals and auto follow up messages. Snovio's drag-and-drop tool helps you build multi-level and highly targeted campaigns, whose performance you can analyze in real time.

Gmail Tracking: If you are a gmail user like me, Snovio will let you know when your emails get opened. You can also expect real-time browser push notifications when people read your emails or when they click on a link.

Pricing starts from $39/month. And there is also a free version in which you get 50 look ups per month with the chrome extension. It's great trying it out and seeing the value you get from Snovio firsthand.

You will get all the essential features in the basic plan, with the ability to send emails to up to 1000 prospects, and 1000 domain email searches. Though if you seriously want to get great results with a scaled outreach, the medium plan with 5000 emails and searches will be better suited.

pitchbox blogger research tool

Pitchbox is a really powerful outreach tool for brands and agencies, endorsed by influential bloggers like Brian Dean and Neil Patel.

Another benefit that sets Pitchbox apart from other software is integration with marketing tools like Majestic, SEMrush and Moz. And it is extremely easy to use.

Blogger Research: Find target bloggers with relevant keywords and multiple prospecting profiles. Integration with Moz, Majestic, SEMRush, Ahrefs, and LRT help you identify the most authoritative websites.

Personalized Outreach: You can customize each message to your target bloggers, and automate follow ups with bloggers who haven’t responded.

Campaign Reporting: With Pitchbox, you can track the blogger outreach process, from big-picture strategy to campaign specifics. This lets you optimize efficiency and get better results.

Relationship Management: Pitchbox brings together important information for each blogger relationship, including interaction history and social media activity.

Pitchbox doesn’t display pricing information on their website. You’ll have to opt for a demo instead to see it in action and talk to one of the experts.

blogger relationship management tool

Traackr is a great solution to engage bloggers and build relationships. It helps you discover bloggers, manage relationships and measure their impact on your business.

With Traackr, you can swiftly realize how the various pieces in your blogger outreach strategy are working and alter your approach sooner.

Bloggers are scored based on relevance and reach, providing you a clear picture on where to get started. You can also import and filter contacts, and track conversations.

It doesn’t list pricing information on the website, so you’ll have to reach out for more details.

klear influencer outreach tool

Klear is another thorough blogger outreach solution. It has an intuitive interface and powerful set of features.

You can use it to identify, interact with and measure impact from relevant bloggers. The following features are included:

Discover Bloggers: With the influencer search engine, you can discover bloggers by category and location. You can also filter this data by social channel, topics, audience demographics and more.

Blogger Analytics: Klear shows you essential insights to make sure you are targeting the right bloggers. An influencer profile has data on brand collaborations, top content and more.

Relationship Management: Klear enhances the blogger collaboration process by letting you share campaign briefs, message in bulk, approve content, track links and more.

Monitor Results: With Klear you can quantify performance of your outreach campaigns with beautiful reports. It shows essential data on mentions, reach, engagement and ROI.

There is no pricing information on Klear website. It requires you to schedule a demo first.

yesware cold email tool

This is a tool for email automation and scheduling. It helps you build multi-touch campaigns for reaching out to bloggers via email. There are placeholders you can use to personalize the email.

It also lets you measure the performance of your outreach campaigns and engagement rate. Key features include:

Inbox Integration: You can view details of bloggers in your gmail or outlook inbox and create personalized campaigns. Engagement stats can be tracked right from your inbox to see what’s working best.

Outreach Templates: With Yesware, you can create email templates to be able to use the most commonly used messages among your team. You can also A/B test templates and see which ones have the best performance.

Email Tracking: From your inbox, you can see who’s opening your messages, links, and attachments in real time, so you can plan your next steps.

Pricing starts from $12 per use per month, which has the most essential features for individual needs. There is also a free trial to get familiar with the tool before you purchase.

grouphigh blogger outreach database

Like BuzzSumo, GroupHigh is a content research tool to find relevant bloggers and their contact information to build your outreach list.

It boasts a huge database of over 50 million websites for you to find the blogs which are a good fit for your brand. Key features include:

Advanced Blog Search: You can filter blog results by content, SimilarWeb traffic, seo authority, social following, language, location and more. You can also find blogs that have already linked to your competitors or your brand.

Research Automation: GroupHigh allows you to import website, blog, and social URLs from tools such as Ahrefs and Buzzsumo to automate research.

Media Reporting: Visual reports allow you to customize and display your earned media in simple way. You can analyze post engagement, sharing, and compare engagement rate statistics to learn which bloggers are really benefiting your brand.

Grouphigh is among the expensive tools on the list, with plans starting from $179/month. You can also opt for a 7-day free trial.

Hitesh's take:

GroupHigh is another tool which I had a positive experience with during the trial. It provides a lot of useful data about bloggers on a topic or keyword, including contact information in many instances. Though it’s not as affordable as Ninja Outreach.

saleshandy blogger email tool

With SalesHandy, you can send automated, personalized emails to bloggers and also send follow-ups. You also get analytics data on engagement rates and campaign performance. Main features are:

Email Tracking: Get notified each time the email sent by you is read. It also mentions how many times an email has been opened.

Email Templates: SalesHandy lets you create HTML templates which you can use in Gmail or Outlook.

Email Scheduling: You get free unlimited email scheduling via chrome plugin in Gmail. So you won’t have to worry about sending email at the wrong time zones.

Pricing starts from $7 per user/month, but you’ll need the $16/month plan for essential features like mail merge and auto follow-ups. A 14-day trial is available before making a commitment.

social animal

Social Animal claims to be the swiss army knife of content marketing. It helps you find and analyze top performing content and bloggers for any topic or competitor.

It can also deliver list of bloggers in your mailbox as regular updates. Prominent features include:

Content Research: For a keyword, you can see detailed analysis of how content performs. You can analyze a year’s worth of content for a given keyword.

Content Curation: You can manually search and find content for any keyword sorted by popularity. It also allows you to set up keywords to get daily top performing content by email.

Blogger Research: Find real and relevant bloggers for your keywords. You can also see the posts and articles they authored or shared.

All plans include a free 14-day trial. Pricing starts from $49/month, which includes the most essential features.

Hitesh's take:

Social Animal ‘s interface is a lot similar to BuzzSumo. It’s not as detailed but I found the search results to be more relevant.

When using Social Animal, you may have to spend significant time doing your own research for more details and contact information of bloggers you find.

Most of the blogger outreach tools covered above allow you to try for free before you make up your mind. So be sure to take advantage of that and see which software best meets your needs.

A great tool can make it easier and faster to reach out and build relationships with bloggers, which can help you grow your business exponentially if done right.

A few influential bloggers can take your business to such a level in weeks that no other marketing strategies can even in months. However, this is possible only when your outreach always seems personal and genuine.

It’s not wise to just rely on the features and templates provided by these tools as is. You must make modifications according to each blogger and campaign.

Did I miss anything? Did you try these tools? Do you have any questions or comments? Share your thoughts below in the comments section.

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