50+ Outreach Tools & Templates To Find & Connect With Bloggers

find and connect with bloggers

In order to be able to get more traffic, social shares and backlinks to your content, you need to be able to reach out to and build relationships with influential bloggers in your niche.

This is where blogger outreach strategy comes into place. This page is a collection of all the tools and resources you might need to plan and implement a successful blogger outreach campaign.

Table of Contents

Blogger Research

Good research relies on using the right tools, and a number of free tools will help you build your outreach target list.

Rapport Building

To get on the radar of target bloggers, start building relationships by engaging with their social media and blog updates.

Email Finders

Email Outreach & Analytics

Email Outreach Templates


On this page, I have outlined some tools and useful resources to discover and interact with relevant bloggers. Feel free to refer to this list whenever you need help.

Have I missed your favorite resource? Do you have any questions or comments? Share your thoughts below in the comments section.

6 thoughts on “50+ Outreach Tools & Templates To Find & Connect With Bloggers”

  1. This is an awesome resource, Hitesh! I’m definitely going to refer back to this one!

    I use several of the tools you mentioned here and love them (Ahrefs, Hootsuite, Feedly…).

    A few other free tools that might be handy to include or at least check out:

    Ubersuggest (it’s like a slimmed down version of ahrefs or SEMRush – as a free tool they’ve really come a long way since first launching), Hunter.io, and Yet Another Mail Merge (YAMM).

    I use YAMM for my backlink outreach (links to Gmail and is great for sending out bulk emails using merge fields).

    Hunter has been another cool tool for collecting emails. It’s a chrome extension that will scan the website for all the potential emails on the site (also great for outreach).

    Thanks for sharing, Hitesh! Great stuff, as always!

  2. Hi Hitesh, thank you for the great and very exhaustive article, Buzzsumo and Ahrefs definitely deserved the mention. I’d also like to suggest a small addition to the Email finders category, I’m a marketing specialist at Sales.Rocks and in addition to emails we offer full Company and Contact information. Thank you once again for the helpful list.

  3. Matt Greenfield

    Wow Hitesh. I’m bookmarking this page for future references, for sure I’ll be required to re-run a glance here for the tools.

    Mozbar and Social Animal are among my favorites for searching the trending content, bloggers and thereafter create blogs, articles of my own.

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