25 Online Content Writing Communities You Don’t Wanna Miss

Do you want to connect with like-minded content writers, marketers and strategists?

Content writing groups can help. As a part of those, you can:

  • Learn or seek advice on any problems you’re dealing with.
  • Look for a network to grow your business.
  • Communicate directly with industry experts and influencers.
  • Stay on top of industry trends and breaking news.

To help you find the best groups, we decided to put together the ultimate list of the top groups for people interested in growing their business or career with content writing. Keep reading to find out.

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    Top Online Writing Communities

    Here are the top content writing groups you can join. These are groups on platforms like Facebook, Slack, LinkedIn, Reddit and Quora where you can find valuable perspectives.

    Freelance Writer’s Den

    Carol Tice’s Freelance Writer’s Den covers all aspects of establishing a freelance writing business, including how to find clients. This paid group offers useful forums for writers to connect.

    Freelance Writers Den - online writing community

    Unlike even the most active writing groups, the Den’s forums are open for your ideas at every turn. They are classified into relevant and helpful categories, including an effective peer review forum.

    Copywriting Hacks

    Adam & Louise Parrott run Copywriting Hacks. The group encourages copywriters at any stage of their career to join without any charges.

    Like the name suggests, Copywriting Hacks is full of hacks and secrets. These tips and tricks make up the art of good copywriting which persuades people to take action.

    You’ll find discussions on copywriting resources, how to solve your client’s problems, and how to beat writer’s block.

    Copy Kook’s Club

    Most members join this online writing community while taking one of Tamsin Henderson’s fun and practical copywriting courses.

    She lays out thought-provoking writing prompts. The members are very responsive when someone reaches out for help.

    The Copy Kooks Club

    Members review the copy you are working on with no conditions. You can join this group for free.

    Tamsin is constantly working on new products like juicy proposals in order to help members close the deal with new clients.

    No-Fluff Freelance Writing Group

    Alina Bradford's No-Fluff group is full of information about writing tools, pointers for bloggers, and curated job posts.

    No Fluff Writer to do list- online writing community

    The writing group stands out with its volunteer mentorship program to help newer writers develop their skills. No fluff group has no membership fee and is all about tips, jobs and supporting writers.

    The Freelance Content Marketing Writer

    This free of charge group by Jennifer Goforth Gregory is for writers who work in content marketing. Most members have a background in journalism, freelance writing or digital marketing.

    The Freelance Content Marketing Writer- writing group

    They discuss topics like charges for specific services, platforms for virtual assistants, and alternatives to payment with PayPal.

    A jobs thread is also created every week to keep you posted about new opportunities.

    The Write Life Community

    Writers of this online writing community are supportive and encourage one another. It is a great space to learn the struggles and wins of people at all experience levels without paying a fee. Members also ask each other relevant questions.

    The Write Life Community

    Recent topics of discussion include the best ways to find remote writing opportunities and how to beat procrastination.

    What's Your Plan B?

    What's Your Plan B is a free group for journalists. Members consist of those who have left, are preparing to leave, or fear they might be forced into leaving the industry. There is discussion about what they go on to do with their careers.

    What’s Your Plan B?-online writing community

    This writing group is full of ideas from writers and editors who make use of their skills to earn money in new ways. There are also requests from journalists who are struggling with the change.


    If you’re a remote worker or are considering making the switch, you should join this community.

    Join Workfrom - writing group

    Work from home can be isolating and sometimes lonely. You can use this online writing community to connect with others working from home for free.

    Blogging Boost

    This writing group is full of recommendations, resources and support for bloggers. The group is open for people who want to connect with other bloggers and share their posts.

    You can learn the ins and outs of blogging as a part of this group for free.

    Blogging Boost

    This online writing community limits self-promotion to Mondays only, which helps save the feed from overloading.

    Writers Write Group

    If you’re not looking for participation but more of a compilation of everything related to writing, this writing group is perfect for you. It is a fun and free source to know the recent doings in the writing world.

    Notable posts include reaction to Bob Dylan’s nomination for the Nobel Prize and Kanye West’s poem for the new art mag by Frank Ocean. What’s “writer's block” when you have this group, right?

    The Cult Of Copy

    If you like to discuss copywriting, persuasion or influence methods without paying for it, then this online writing community is right for you.

    The Cult Of Copy is a group for professionals to talk over the finer points of the writing craft.

    If you are a beginner and have questions like “how do I start” or want self promotion, this group isn’t the best choice for you.

    Beta Readers And Critique Partners

    Whether you want to become a beta reader or critique partner, or you want someone to review your work, this online writing community is right for you.

    Beta readers and critique partners

    This writing group is open for every type of writer without any membership charges. They have strict rules to make sure there is no unwanted content on your timeline.

    Word Nerds Unite

    Gabriela Pereira runs Word Nerds Unite which focuses on all things writing. Topics of discussion include how to beat writer’s block, seeking beta readers and grammar questions.

    Word Nerds Unite online writing community

    Pereira interacts with the members regularly. She shares the group’s wins and hosts weekend writing sprints, which she believes are like virtual writing retreats. The members don’t have to pay to join this fun and motivated community.

    ProBlogger Community

    If you are looking for an encouraging and inclusive writing group, this one's for you. They value productive and positive participation.

    They want members to feel a step closer to building their successful blog without asking for a fee in return.

    What Problogger writing group can teach

    The community is aligned with the teaching of Darren and his team from the ProBlogger blog and podcast.

    The Content Marketing Institute

    The Content Marketing Institute group is the platform to share and discuss everything related to content marketing.

    You can ask questions, share your thoughts and learn from others. It is a LinkedIn based group that you can join for free.

    Write The Docs

    Write the Docs is an international community for those who care about documentation. They are Slack based and do not charge a membership fee.

    Write The Docs-online writing community

    They conduct conferences on 3 continents as well as local meetups. They have separate channels for different purposes like job search, meetups, introductions and off topic gossip.

    A Community Of Professional And Freelance Writers

    This is an online writing community by and for freelance writers. They discuss and share every phase of freelance writing without charging for the same.

    A community of professional and freelance writers- writing group

    The group has five moderators who implement the rules of the group.

    Technical Writing

    Technical Writing group is for people who take the complicated things that scientists and engineers formulate and make it understandable for non-technical people.

    Technical Writing

    This is an active group with no membership charges where members discuss improvement in technical writing. This is also a good place for job search.

    The Copywriter Club

    If you are trying to get better at copywriting, you have found the right club.

    The Copywriter Club-online writing community

    This paid club consists of proficient copywriters and experts who can inspire your work and answer all your queries. You can also generate leads and land better paychecks here.

    Bloggers United

    Bloggers United is a great place to connect and talk about your blogs. You can advertise your work and cross promote it. You can also share tips and make blogger connections.

    Bloggers United-writing group

    The group is free to join and has specific activities decided for different days of the week which makes it manageable and organised.

    Remotive Community

    Nowadays, remote working has become an integral part of doing business. Remotive Community gives you access to a group of smart and driven people by charging a fee in return.

    Remotive Community

    Their channels are open for discussing current job openings, productivity, DIY, and other topics of interest.

    HubSpot Academy Content Marketing Pros

    If you want to learn how to market your content without paying a fee, this is the perfect group for you. Here, you can connect with like-minded marketers from around the world to discuss ideas, ask questions, and be inspired.

    Hubspot Academy Content Marketing Pros online writing community

    HubSpot Academy is the global leader in free online training for inbound marketing, sales, and client service professionals.

    This private group is very active with strict rules against spamming.

    Digital Copywriters

    American Writers & Artists Institute moderates this group. It is for enthusiastic and practicing copywriters to discuss industry-related topics.

    Digital Copywriters- writing group

    The group’s goal is to support your freelance writing career without charging a membership fee. They do so with professional guidance, relevant information, free training sessions, and weekly dosage of motivation.

    Writing & Blogging

    Writing & Blogging is one of Quora's very active and free topics. It is for writers, bloggers, content creators, and anyone interested in generating and publishing written content.

    Writing and blogging

    From suitable content to the appropriate audience, you will find everything you want to know about writing content here.


    This is one of the biggest spaces on Quora with members actively participating in all sorts of discussions related to blog writing.

    Blogging Topic Quora-online writing community

    You will find answers to questions like how to start a blog or how to increase the traffic on this free to join group.


    As a content writer, it’s good to have a space to connect with other writers and potential clients. The internet is the perfect place to find these people.

    In addition, you may want to study from those with similar experiences, or enjoy the company of other content writers. There are online writing communities to meet all your expectations.We hope you find your comfort zone in one of these communities.

    Did I miss anything? Are you familiar with any of these groups? Do you have any questions or comments? Share your thoughts below in the comments section.

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