67% increase in sales with Facebook ads for a packaged juice company

The client sells juice cleanses and organic, cold-pressed juices. The brand was stuck at around $12k/month in sales and wanted to grow to $20k/month in revenue.

Previously, they were just relying on referrals from their brick-and-mortar store customers, an email list, and organic social media marketing. But they knew it wasn’t enough.

So, they decided to invest in Facebook ads to bring more visitors and conversions to their Shopify website.

The challenge

The brand did not find ways to grow beyond $12k/month in revenue and was looking to scale dramatically. Their main goals were:

  • Increase funnel conversion.
  • Build an effective ad creative flow.
  • Grow sales to $20k per month and beyond.

Our solution

Most eCommerce businesses want to see instant results. But testing and learning from Facebook ads data takes about 3-6 months if you’re launching a fresh campaign. The same applies even if you have run them before but lack quality structured data. So here are the strategies we used:

  • A/B testing the first two months – Identified key steps from the long account creation process to track and send meaningful data so the ad-platform algorithms could better optimize towards the main goal.
  • Building a marketing funnel – Did extensive audience and persona research based on the client’s insight and historical advertising performance data to improve ad targeting.
  • Extensive market research – Implemented audience segmentation strategies to test and analyze which audiences were driving the best results so we can scale.

The result

Our work yielded impressive results. Average order value was up by 14%, the number of returning visitors increased by 273%, and conversions improved by 67%, meeting the client’s goal of reaching $20k+ in revenue in 3 months.

The result showing increased revenue

They had tried other agencies before, but Smemark delivered better results while saving them money and getting a better return on their marketing investment.


If you don’t have the time or resources to invest in sales and marketing, then you’re going to have trouble succeeding as an online business.

With Smemark, the client was able to overcome many of the content marketing challenges it faced. And you can do the same.

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