HomePro AV - Local & Organic SEO Case Study

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From The Client


My company has contracted with Smemark for all of our web design and online marketing needs. Hitesh has been extremely attentive to our needs, and there is a true sense of passion and a desire to help us succeed. We will look back 10 years from now and recognize our partnership with Hitesh to be a pivotal point in our business' success.

Hitesh has a vast knowledge of both business and digital marketing, and we are extremely happy with the services provided. Smemark has outperformed what any agency has ever done for us. Their design, SEO and social media partnership has been a pivotal point in our success. - Jason Griffith, Home Pro AV

Project Overview

HomePro AV is a home electronics retail and installation company in Kentucky. The company focuses home entertainment systems, speakers, TV and other electronics. Jason Griffith, the founder of HomePro, approached Smemark for help with the development of conversion optimized landing pages and execution of a comprehensive SEO strategy.

Executing The Strategy

Our SEO specialists helped HomePro AV by reviewing its website and finding ways to increase online visibility and presence for the targeted local cities.

Smemark focused on local SEO, increasing local citation development and creating geo-targeted local city pages for the locations in which HomePro AV wanted to appear on the first page.

Smemark also expanded upon HomePro's existing content because its service pages had less than 200 words, helping to increase the company’s organic search engine results.

Forms were added to increase call-to-action opportunities in the service- and city-based landing pages of the website. Internal links were added from each of the pages.

General blog content was created that focused on the services HomePro provides to help build authority. The blogs also allowed for internal link building to the service and city pages that helped increase positioning. This helped Smemark rank HomePro in the Top 5 in search results.

Smemark also added images of the HomePro projects on each of the pages to show users the company and who would visit their home. In no time, business was booming for HomePro. It averaged 24.6 online leads per month throughout the year. Ten of the 12 months outperformed the previous year.

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