50+ Email Subject Line Examples For Cold Outreach Campaigns

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This post is a part of my complete series on cold outreach email framework for 2020.

The first thing you need to focus on for digital outreach is your email open rate. A subject line that piques interest is key. 47% of emails are opened or discarded based solely on their subject line.

The language and emoticons you use in your subject line can have a major impact on the extent to which you encourage influencers to open your emails.

Only then you’d be able to get a response, follow up and get your desired outcome from your outreach campaign. The best email subject lines are creative and informative without giving too much away.

There are proven formulas you can use. Let's go over some best practices and examples associated with them. So you'll have the right perspective on how to put the email subject line examples to good use.

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Highlight A Commonality

Before you start considering subject line ideas, you must check if you have something in common with the prospect. A subject line establishing a common connection is the most effective there is. No other subject is as likely to get opened than this one.

Look at your prospect's LinkedIn profile, for example. If you have any connections in common, may be they could introduce you. If not, perhaps have something else in common, like being part of same college or group.

We Have Passion For Writing In Common

John Recommended That I Get In Touch

John Sent Me Your Way

Go Beaver - Fellow Alum Here & Writer Here

Help A Fellow Blogger, Bob?

We Have ABC College In Common

Personalize Your Subject Line

You need to make sure there’s enough personalization in your digital outreach for the reader to feel respected and appreciated.

For instance, you’ll get far more opens if the recipient's name is in the subject line. A study by Experian found that personalized emails have 29% higher open rates. Seeing their name in the subject line gets their attention.

In addition, the most reliable results come from taking a few minutes to study your prospect and then using your subject line to indicate that you know who they are and what they might need.

Love How ABC Corp Provides Data-Driven Support

So Nice To Meet You Bob

New Data About [Competitor] & Your Facebook Ads Strategy

Hope your [Recent Event/Project] went well

You Have This In Common With Elon Musk

Make Subject Line Descriptive

Also, a study conducted by MailChimp concluded that short, descriptive subject lines are better than clever or cheesy phrases.

The subject line must also have a clear indication of what the email is about. Simply filling your prospect in on the basics or asking the question you intend to ask may seem bland, but it can be darn effective.

New Study Identifies Top 10 Job Skills In 2019: Story Idea

Bob, You Have A Broken Link

New Case Study on Impact of Google Panda on SEO

5 Ideas For Your Data Storage Problem

Story Tip, Bob: Research Reveals 54% Entrepreneurs Have Insurance

Emojis In Subject Line

Emojis in email subject lines have become a common occurrence in marketing and outreach. And it’s obvious that a subject line with emoji catches our attention more than a subject line without one. So the sooner you start using them, the better.

Keep them relevant to the context of your email. If you’re pitching a story about coffee, for example, then use a coffee emoji ☕. A random or general emoji won’t have the same impact.

There are a number of websites which let you use their emojis for free. All you need to do is just copy and paste into the subject line when crafting the email. These include EmojiCopy, CopyAndPasteEmoji, and GetEmoji.

A saving of $25k for ABC Corporation

Beers/Coffee/Lunch On Me?

Have You Considered Using A CRM?

Do You Outsource Content Development?

There is Something Wrong with Your Website

More Email Subject Line Examples

Hey, Quick Heads Up

Question About Your Ecommerce Strategy

A New HR Strategy For ABC Corporation

Hello From XYZ Company

Saw ABC Corp Is Acquiring XYZ Corp

Saw ABC Corp Is Hiring UX Designers

SEO Expert With An Idea For You

Are You Looking For A Better Way To Generate Leads?

7 Tips To Link Your Website Analytics To ROI

Free Invite To Our New SEO Software

Would You Like To Appear On X Podcast?

Feeling Stressed By Tax Season Bob? Let Me Help

Need Help With Link Building?

Hoping You Can Help

You're Not Alone In This

15 Minutes This Week?

Can I Buy You Lunch?

Can We Chat Over Coffee/Tea?

Curious What Working at ABC Corp is Like

Curious What Your Content Creation Process is Like


So there are my cold email subject lines that will help you supercharge your outreach campaigns. I hope these email subject-line ideas give you confidence.

Now that you know what to say in your subject, try sending 100 outreach emails a month and see what happens. At the end of the day, it's still a numbers game, so cranking that many cold emails is important to get measurable results.

As you do more and more outreach, you’ll start getting a feel for what works best. Keep testing various subject lines so you have real data to get insights from.

It’s simple math. The more effort you put into making your outreach campaigns more personalized and effective, the better results and relationships you will get with prospects.

Did I miss anything? Did you try these subject lines? Do you have any questions or comments? Share your thoughts below in the comments section.

This post is a part of my complete series on cold outreach email framework for 2020.

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