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From The Client

kanika ekatrra

Unlike some other agencies, Smemark has always been actively engaged and there is never radio silence from them. It’s almost like they have been an extension of our team, and we could always rely on them for insight and questions that we have.

We really appreciate all the insights and solid results that Smemark’s team has been giving us. Smemark has been a very important part of our success. They’re going to be a very important part of your team and definitely a long-term partner. I highly recommend Smemark. - Kanika Yadav, Ekatrra

Project Overview

Ekatrra, an ecommerce client that sells high-end, designer clothing came to Smemark to help with its search engine optimization, wanting to increase visibility organically because most customers were not finding the company’s clothes via search engines.

A few months into the SEO strategy, it also asked Smemark to help with its pay-per-click campaign. Smemark integrated cross-channel online marketing using SEO and pay-per-click. In the pay-per-click marketing, Ekatrra saw great results across the whole AdWords account.

Executing The Strategy

As part of the SEO & PPC strategy, Smemark optimized the ecommerce business’ images, provided content ideas and built links for the company. Smemark reached out to several top fashion bloggers to secure important links to help it rank higher in keyword searches.

Smemark also incorporated blog content on the website to increase organic rankings as well. The efforts paid off, with Smemark helping the fashion business compete organically with ecommerce heavyweights.

Smemark performed a PPC audit initially once the ecommerce business started using the service. Smemark immediately created negative keywords lists, paused overlapping/duplicate keywords, created new ad copy and corrected conversion tracking.

Smemark then began improving click-through rates of ads and keyword-quality score. Smemark also optimized the “Shopping” campaigns for the fashion company, reducing wasted spend by creating priority shopping campaigns using negative keywords to control the traffic.

Smemark created new ad copy in all ad groups utilizing the keyword in the headline, description line and including call-to-actions. The company’s PPC sales doubled year-over-year and its PPC ad spend reduced by 400 percent.

Smemark’s Google Ads efforts for the ecommerce business saw a year-over-year increase by 81 percent in transactions, 87.4 percent increase in revenue and a 101 percent jump in click-through rate.

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