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From The Client

renato dedic dataglobe

Getting found online and making visitors stick and act was a challenge for us. The website is there, but how do people find it? We went through four agencies before finding Smemark.

We quickly believed in the team and they provide full transparency by accounting for specifically what they did on the website. We get more bang for the buck and it’s money well-spent. - Renato Dedic, Dataglobe

Project Overview

Dataglobe is an industrial power solutions provider in Canada. Its services include commercial UPS installation and maintenance for facilities where consistent power is critical, such as hospitals.

They had a website online, but people weren’t finding it. It wasn’t for lack of trying. The company had previously worked with four different SEO and design companies who were taking money but not delivering results. That changed when Dataglobe chose Smemark.

Executing The Strategy

Using proven strategies and techniques, Smemark’s team of digital marketing experts:

  • Put in place SEO techniques to achieve higher rankings in local search results.
  • Designed landing pages which were not only beautiful, but more importantly, able to measurably drive leads, sales and deeper engagement.
  • Wrote copy that’s SEO optimized and speaks to the heart of buyer motivations.
  • Ensured the site is “responsive,” so it displays properly on any size screen, on any device.
  • Provided regular detailed reports, for full transparency into performance.

Moreover, they needed content to educate and inform their target audience on highly technical topics explained in layman language. Our expert writers worked with them and wrote excellent articles ready to publish on their blog. Samples include:

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