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Writing content is one thing. Writing valuable, relevant, and compelling content is quite another. The reality of the situation is that there are a lot of factors to consider beyond simply finding time around the office to write a decent blog post or newsletter

Writing quality content with consistency can be extremely time consuming. Many businesses can’t afford to pour their in-house resources into professional content creation and don’t even know where to start. If you’re feeling overwhelmed, consider outsourcing content writing to a web content services company instead.

Businesses of all sizes—perhaps even your competition with a website and blog you admire—make use of highly trained professional content writers. If you care about your brand, your reputation, and your online presence, you need to outsource to professionals instead of misallocating resources in the office.

As a freelance writer, content marketer & founder of Smemark, I work with businesses to analyze their content gaps, uncover the best opportunities, and create solid content for online success. 

Whether your goal is to create awareness among prospects, generate leads or get your leads to make a purchase, we can develop exceptional content for any context or stage of your sales funnel.

Are You Facing These Problems In Writing content?

You know how important it is to produce content consistently. And not just for your blog. You need exceptional and regular content for your web pages, lead magnets, weekly email campaigns, press releases and guest posts. 

It's not easy to keep writing new content week after week if you're facing the challenges listed below. If you want to succeed with content marketing, you must overcome them.

Lack Of Time - When you’re planning, handling finances, managing people, customers and the daily operations of your business, you probably don’t have the time required to create content on a consistent and frequent basis. 

Other priorities often take precedence and content falls to the backburner. Or, as is often the case, your workforce does not happen to include employees with the particular skillset needed for content creation, so the work takes much longer and the results are often weaker. 

Lack Of Budget - Hiring even one new employee to work on content in-house can be costly. After you hypothetically find qualified candidates, consider salary, benefits, and training costs. Getting enough budget is easier said than done in most organizations, regardless of size.

Lack Of Engagement - It can be frustrating to write, and write for days, only to see little to no engagement with your blog posts, website content, or social media posts. What are you doing wrong? Why don’t people care? Writing interesting and original content isn't easy, especially when you don’t have much writing experience. 

So As An Entrepreneur or marketer, what Should You Do?

With one simple step, you can eliminate all three problems: Outsource. Outsourcing provides superior results at a significantly lower cost. Freelance writers can dedicate their time to meeting all of your writing needs. They’re not swamped with administrative tasks, management activities, or other activities. They’re available when you need them. 

It's Cost Effective - Hiring freelance writers is more cost effective than hiring full-time, permanent in-house writers. You don’t have to pay for benefits, vacation days, office equipment, or office space. You pay for the work that needs to be written—no more, no less. 

And the best part? Your business will have access to a whole team of experts while reducing overhead. You’re hiring highly skilled professionals who don’t require any training from you. 

It's More Efficient - Professional content writers can deliver high-quality work quickly, on tight deadlines. So you get the content you need exactly when you need it. 

Better Quality Content - Outsourcing tasks to skilled and experienced writers will help ensure the content you receive goes through several quality checks and revisions. If your business has a style guide or a distinct tone or brand identity, writers will perfectly match their content to your specific business needs.

High ROI - It’s not enough to just produce the odd blog post here and there. You need to be sharp and have a clear content marketing strategy in place. Outsourcing can help you organize all the various content-related components together to produce a focused, results-driven strategy. 

Entrusting your content creation to outsourced professionals can help you reach a wider audience and attract more promising leads. Using SEO, calls-to-action and other techniques to convert passive visitors into active leads is essential if you want to see a return on your investment. 

Freelance writers have the content writing skills and experience you need to boost web traffic, get more leads, and improve your conversion rate. They write content day in and day out for clients. They keep up with content marketing trends and best practices. 

It’s more reliable to outsource content writing to a team of professional writers who are dedicated to that one task alone. Beyond brand consistency and quality control, deadline and schedules will be implemented and respected—which means the same high-level content will be disseminated with regularity

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I have worked with Smemark on several copywriting and social media projects. The communication, competence, and professionalism are on point!

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I am very impressed. Hitesh’s communication is fast, and writing is fresh and speaks to my audience. Advertising performance was seriously really good!

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Smemark has outperformed what any PR or content marketing agencies have ever done for us. Partnership with Hitesh has been a pivotal point in our success.

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