How To Write A Content Writer Job Description (With Free Sample)

content writing job description

Are you looking to hire a content writer, or break into a career in content writing?

Either way, you need an accurate content writer job description to understand the skills you need (whether in yourself or in your new hire) to get the job done.

A content writing job description is the first touchpoint between an employer and a content writer.

As an employer, it helps you attract the best candidates. And if you’re a job seeker, use this guide to understand what’s expected of you and develop your skills accordingly.

Let’s start with the first component of an effective content writer job description.

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    Pick An Appropriate Title

    When done right, a job title can indicate not just the nature of work, but also the level of experience and any special requirements or benefits. For example:

    • Content Writing Associate (Remote)
    • Digital Content Manager (Freelance)
    • Senior Copywriting Specialist

    As you can see in the first example, the term “content writing” conveys the nature of work. The term “associate” indicates that it’s an entry level position. And the term “remote” highlights that the candidate has the option to work from anywhere.

    Mentioning the nature of work optimizes your job title to appear in relevant searches by job seekers. The level of experience and other information will help attract a wider and qualified talent pool.

    In addition, when writing a job title, avoid using abbreviations, acronyms or any internal terms that people outside your company will not understand.

    You want to make sure it’s easy for everyone to understand what your job posting is about before they click to read further.

    Begin With A Short Company Bio

    Take a couple of sentences to outline what your company does, where it’s located and other important details. Remember to keep it short and concise.

    These will help set context for the applicants and assess whether your brand and the candidate may be a good fit for each other. For example:

    Smemark is a leading digital content agency led by Hitesh Sahni, a content strategy consultant and writer/editor helping tech brands with content development, management and marketing for more than a decade.

    We empower brands with content their customers will love, igniting real business results.

    Write A Short Job Summary

    Include a compelling overview of the job role and how it fits within the company. It should also highlight the major expectations from the position.

    Giving a gist of the responsibilities and requirements in the summary helps both the brand and the writers to save time and engage only if there is further interest. For example:

    We are seeking a content writer to write content for our company blog, website and client companies, on B2B subjects such as digital marketing, web design, content development and business software.

    The ideal candidate will have a proven track record of writing engaging content that drives conversions. A high level of creativity and analytical skills are a must to cover data driven insights.

    Cover Writer Responsibilities/Duties

    The responsibilities and duties part is the heart of the content writing job description. Use this section to outline the activities and tasks this position will carry out on a consistent basis.

    If possible, also talk about how this job role functions with the rest of the team and which positions he will be managing or reporting to. For example:

    Concept, write, and edit in-depth tutorials, analysis, lists, reviews and other content for given topics, products and services.

    Write original content and edit communication materials both on and offline, including reports, landing pages, white papers, knowledge base, presentations, ebooks and blog posts.

    Develop & update project news announcements, advertisements, email copies, press releases, key messages, fact sheets, & other collateral material as needed.

    Gather information, use cases, from managers and other team members to use in all content and knowledge management.

    Monitor technology trends and SEO best practices such as emerging standards for new opportunities to improve web content and documentation management.

    Ensure, and create as needed, writing processes, practices and operations to ensure reproducible development and high quality.

    Cover Desired Profile/Requirements

    Next, cover the required skills, experience and other qualifications for your content writer job description.

    This may include things like education, certificates, technical skills and more. Plus, you should include the necessary soft skills and traits that you have in mind for a successful candidate. For example:

    Demonstrate capacity to plan, prioritize and deliver writing tasks on time according to given instructions and style guidelines.

    Excellent short-form and long-form writing skills in a variety of voices and tones. Ability to adhere to brand tone, manor and editorial style guidelines, as needed.

    Strong English writing, grammar, editing, proofreading and on-page SEO skills. An ability to craft language and communication to multiple target audiences.

    Must have first-hand experience and above-average knowledge of the B2B Tech space, especially digital marketing.

    A Bachelors/Masters degree in Mass Comm / Journalism / English or other relevant field, along with a portfolio of writing samples.

    Instructions To Apply For The Position

    Finally, make sure to cover any special instructions or requirements that candidates should meet when they are applying for the content writing job description.

    This might include the documents you require (resume, cover letter, samples etc.), availability in international time zones for remote positions, salary expectations or other info that will make it easy for you to assess a good fit. For example:

    Your application must meet the following mandatory requirements. Otherwise, it will not be considered.

    We intend to start with a trial content writing assignment at a lower rate. Mention your expected compensation for trial and then regular writing assignments.

    Mention by when are you available and ready to start onboarding for this job role.

    Show your best 3 writing samples. They should be specific blog posts/content pieces. No generic links like the whole website or blog.

    The subject line of your application message should exactly be Agency Content Writer so we know you have read the entire job posting carefully.

    To apply, send an email to Hitesh Sahni. Email address is contact (at) smemark (dot) com.

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