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Hi, Hitesh Sahni here. Do you offer a great product or service? Do people out there need what you have to offer, if you could just reach them and properly convey the benefits? If you are struggling for words that will get the attention of your target audience and turn them into customers, let us write for you.

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We Solve The Quality Problem

If you have hired freelance writers or a content writing company in the past, you know how frustrating the whole experience can be.

Most content providers aren’t well-versed with how to write correctly for the web, and how to make your content more likely to generate traffic, leads and sales online.

In fact, many don’t adhere to target deadlines and deliver poor content which needs several rounds of edits. So basically you’re not just paying the copywriting firm, but also wasting your time fixing their work.

At Smemark, our writers and editors are among the top 1% of the talent pool, strictly vetted and rigorously trained to write content that blows your competition out of the water.

As a result, we have come to be known as a trusted and reliable copywriting studio which delivers ready-to-publish content.

Brands We Have Worked With

As clients and partners, some of the world's best companies have trusted us to deliver on their expectations, with 50+ 5-star reviews from around the globe.

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Claim Your 100% Risk-Free Trial

We understand that trusting a new content provider can be hard, and that you’re not familiar with the hassle-free experience and exceptional quality of content we deliver.

So we’d be happy to write a trial piece for you at no up-front charge, so you can see our work in action first.

For trial content, the pricing will be calculated at just $0.10/word (USD), and you will need to pay only if you’re happy with the trial content and satisfied enough to continue working with us.

Get Epic Content In 4 Easy Steps

Getting your content shouldn't be complicated. We keep it simple. You relax while we get to work.

1: Start Free Trial

Click this link to start your free trial and fill a simple form to provide details about your content writing project.

2: Book An Online Meeting

After you fill the form, you'll be directed to book a free, online consultation call with one of our content experts.

3: Refine Project Brief

Get your queries answered by a content expert and help us understand your content needs and expectations

4: Get Your Content

Sit back and relax while we get to work and deliver ready-to-publish content to your inbox. Request a revision if necessary.

What Makes Our Content Exceptional?

Understanding and implementing content writing best practices is crucial to maximize your content’s potential for discovery and lead generation. That's why all our content writing packages include the following attributes.

Keyword Research & Optimization

Properly chosen and placed keywords make it easy for search engines to understand the relevance of your content to search queries. We place your keywords to appear as natural as possible within the content.

Image Optimization

Visuals make content easy to read and help with SEO. When including images in content, we optimize them for search: assigning descriptive names, adding alt text and compressing your images to ensure faster loading.

Audience Analysis

Before starting writing, we get a sense of the audience you want to target and their feelings and pain points. We make an effort to know them so intimately that when reading your content, they should feel like you’re reading their mind.

Strategy & Topic Selection

If you don't have topics to write about, we create a content writing strategy and editorial calendar, with topics aligned with the strategy. Building a strategy helps us understand what content you need, on what type of topics, how often and more.

Brand Tone & Voice

We have the ability to write content in any tone, and we ensure our content matches your brand voice. We take care of how you want your brand to sound. We help put guidelines pertaining to your brand’s voice, and then stick to them.

Internal & External Links

We make sure to link to credible sources to backup the claims made in content, and to provide more information. We also link to other content on your website wherever applicable to improve dwell time and SEO.

Competitor Analysis

We analyze the content available on the internet on similar or related topics and note things like its format, keywords, information covered and any gaps to improve on. We make sure your content is unique and better than competitors.

Comprehensive Research

Proper research is essential to be able to cover a topic thoroughly, accurately and authoritatively. That’s how you build trust. We understand that your content is a reflection of your brand. A little sloppiness is not worth risking your reputation.

Citing Research & Expert Quotes

We try to ensure that everything we say must have an expert quote or research data point for proof. Whenever possible, we show statistics, case studies and expert quotes to provide evidence for our points and ideas.


The best way to make your content more relatable is to add stories. People love stories; they crave them. We believe that every piece must have at least one story that engages people and fosters their imagination.

You're always protected by our 14 days money back guarantee. If for any reason you're not satisfied by our work, just let us know and we'll release a prompt refund.

What People Say

As clients and partners, some of the world's best companies have trusted us to deliver on their expectations., with 50+ 5-star reviews from around the globe.

"Hitesh just GETS what you need insanely fast. And he has the experience, confidence, insight, and knowledge to tell you when your requests aren't actually in your best interest-and then goes a step further and recommends something unbelievably more brilliant and BETTER."


Janae Bourgeois

"Smemark's content team understands what it takes to turn a product, service, or idea into well-crafted sentences that yield results. He helps take projects to the next level by gaining a deep knowledge of his clients' situations and making sure that every word is well placed in the pursuit of growing businesses."

Rick Katz

"Smemark's content writing, marketing and blogging expertise is second to none. Because of Hitesh Sahni's excellent communication, I always feel in control of any project in which he is involved. He and his team never failed to deliver over and above our requirements."

Jun Woo

"Hitesh's communication is fast, content writing is fresh and speaks to my audience. After explaining the tone, style, and overall goals of my project, he jumped right in and nailed it at every opportunity. The work delivered was seriously really good!"


More Reasons To Work With Us

We do not believe in a one-size-fits-all approach to digital content. As a premier content agency, we understand that a good content strategy must be custom-tailored to your business, your audience and your goals.

Save Money

It costs over $170,000/year (source: to hire a copywriter, editor, and strategist. Outsourcing can provide the same output at a fraction of the cost.

No Long Term Contracts

There are no lock-ins. If not satisfied with the performance, you can opt out of monthly package with only a 30-day notice. That means we have to earn your business every single month.

Save Time

The average marketer takes 10 hours to write four 500-word blog posts. (State of Inbound Survey) Do you have that kind of time to spend on blogging?

Qualified Writers

You get access to a large team of pre-qualified writers who have experience in a wide variety of industries. From creative to technical writing, we have the talent.

Boost Organic Traffic

Our content is search-engine friendly. We have a strong sense of SEO and how to structure content in order to receive the highest possible traffic, engagement and conversions.

Maximize Engagement & Conversions

We write for people, not just search engines. Traffic is useless if the visitor aren't engaging. So we focus on creating content that engages the most people at the deepest possible level.


Content Writing Done Right

Content writing is a marathon, not a sprint–you’re playing the long game. Great content provides the opportunity for businesses to thrive, but it’s also a race to the top and to see which businesses can provide the best experience. Luckily, you can have us on your side to help dominate your competition. We continuously stay up to date so we can provide you with the best content possible – and help you save time and money. We understand what it takes to win the content battle and outdo competitors.

- Hitesh Sahni
Managing Director @ Smemark

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