9 best content marketing YouTube channels worth following in 2023

Whether novice or seasoned, content marketers can always acquire new strategies and techniques on YouTube for growing their businesses.

Newbies in content marketing can gain all the knowledge they require about various aspects of SEO, online marketing, analytics, content marketing, and so on.

In the same vein, seasoned content marketers may keep up with the ongoing developments in the continually evolving marketing field.

Content marketing YouTube channels can also help them discover superior and more calculated strategies to drive and maintain business growth.

But it can be difficult to choose which YouTube content marketing channels to subscribe to because there are numerous. This article is here to guide you in the best possible manner by covering the top content marketing YouTube channels.

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    Best content marketing YouTube channels

    Here are the best channels for you to learn content marketing from YouTube. If you learn more by watching instead of reading, give these channels a try.

    Pat Flynn

    Pat Flynn is among the most recognized and revered online marketing professionals. He runs a blog called Smart Passive Income, which is very famous within the marketing fraternity. It’s a great source of knowledge for those who want to earn money passively on the internet.

    YouTube home page of renowned YouTuber and online business expert Pat Flynn

    He hosts a podcast, also named Smart Passive Income. It produces new episodes every week. Its number of downloads exceeds 60 million, making it a big hit in the marketing arena.

    He started his blog in 2008, which soon became a profitable undertaking. As a result, he has earned over $6 million. His sources of earnings include affiliate marketing, online resources, educational content, ebooks, etc.

    Through his YouTube videos, he adds to his weekly podcast and online blog. He discusses numerous ways to earn passively and expand commercial ventures on the web. He also talks about current and popular marketing subjects. Sometimes, as an extra treat, he gives you tips on how to be more efficient.

    To know the essentials of operating a flourishing online blog, you must subscribe to his content marketing YouTube channel.

    Most popular videos:

    Subscribe to Pat Flynn’s YouTube channel


    Ahref owns a wonderful YouTube page that’s a real bounty of knowledge. It appeals to digital content marketing professionals and, generally, anyone involved in SEO.

    YouTube home page of Ahrefs, the channel operated by SEO expert Sam Oh

    A lot of companies that create online SEO products have a YouTube account. But Ahref stands out because they provide a constant flow of useful SEO lessons. They have videos on finding keywords, generating backlinks, advanced SEO, and all presently popular SEO topics.

    This very dedication to regularity has helped them overtake their contenders’ subscriber and view counts.

    Additionally, they have a few videos on the case reports from their original studies and marketing experiences. If you want more organic visitors to your website, this content marketing YouTube channel should be on your watchlist.

    Most popular videos:

    Subscribe to Ahrefs YouTube channel

    Brian Dean

    Brian Dean, the man behind Backlinko, is held in very high regard within the SEO community. If you’re a newbie in the field, his detailed tutorials will familiarize you with many important SEO topics. You’ll find them useful for boosting your website’s position on the search pages.

    YouTube front page of Backlinko founder Brian Dean who is popular for his content marketing strategies

    He talks about applicable tactics that can help your company prosper. These revolve around implementing better SEO practices, increasing backlinks, and marketing content efficiently.

    In his videos, Dean also references real-world cases and SEO success stories. These illustrate his precise strategies that help his site’s organic visits grow.

    Most popular videos:

    Subscribe to Brian Dean’s YouTube channel


    You’ll find sufficient material on Semrush‘s account for all the SEO and content marketing fundamentals. Link building and how to become more prominent on YouTube are some of the concepts you’ll learn. You’ll also see how observing SEO performance data can quickly get your site ranked higher.

    Popular YouTube channel Semrush is followed by many for some great tips on SEO

    What’s more, you’ll also understand how Semrush can be a part of strategies that improve your website’s ranking. These include studying your competitors, finding the best search phrases, etc.

    They have another channel called Semrush Live. There, you can view online seminars and conventions as they are happening in real-time. So give that one a follow too.

    Most popular videos:

    Subscribe to Semrush’s YouTube channel

    Income School

    Jim Harmer and Ricky Kesler, two online business founders, started Income School’s YouTube page in 2014. You can learn how to market your content and create better blogs through their content marketing YouTube channel. They also tell you how to improve your SEO practices and publicize your product using YouTube.

    Income School, the YouTube channel operated by Ricky Kesler is all about internet marketing and SEO

    They are open and frank and have a no-frills, matter-of-fact philosophy. People interested in content marketing appreciate these qualities. Also, these YouTubers never hesitate to give their take on certain disputed SEO practices that other industry bigwigs support.

    Most popular videos:

    Subscribe to Income School’s YouTube channel


    HubSpot helps businesses expand with their marketing software. It lets you manage and improve your content, customer relationships, and overall earnings. They also have a lot of free services that business owners can use to grow their company and increase sales.

    YouTube channel HubSpot is the one to visit for taking your content marketing to extraordinary levels

    Content marketing professionals, start-up founders, and marketing firms will benefit greatly from HubSpot’s videos.

    You can find all kinds of videos here. Their topics range from impactful Instagram promotions to expansion strategies for new companies.

    And that’s not all! They also share all the secrets behind their own meteoric rise.

    Most popular videos:

    Subscribe to HubSpot’s YouTube channel.

    Neil Patel

    Neil Patel has divided the content marketing world. Some admire him, while others don’t support his ways. Regardless, he definitely has sky-rocketed, and even the worst of his detractors can’t ignore that.

    Neil Patel's YouTube channel is the one-stop destination to learn content marketing from every possible angle

    Somehow, he always brings massive growth to whatever he’s a part of. Through his successful online blog, podcast on marketing, and an SEO software called Ubersuggest, he’s gathered a large following.

    His YouTube account has seen similar growth. He discusses all the important aspects of online marketing there. You’ll learn how to market your content and optimize it for search engines. He also tells you how to increase your reach by creating the right emails.

    Most popular videos:

    Subscribe to Neil Patel’s YouTube channel

    Ranking Academy

    As you can guess from the name of this channel, Ranking Academy‘s main goal is to educate you on how to improve your positions and online presence via search engines. It is among the most trending Youtube accounts for content marketing.

    YouTube channel Ranking Academy is a must visit if you are looking to make the best out of your business resources

    Most popular videos:

    Subscribe to Ranking Academy’s YouTube channel


    There’s no reason not to include Moz among the leading content marketing Youtube channels.

    But now that Rand Fishkin has left, the material of the channel may not match the same quality as his videos.

    That being said, it doesn’t mean that they don’t post educational articles and clips off and on.

    Moz, the perfect YouTube channel to learn about all the aspects of inbound marketing and SEO

    The organization even offers top corporate email series for people doing content marketing.

    Rand Fishkin continues to make appearances from time to time in the Youtube videos. And they still produce content beneficial for expert SEO practitioners.

    Most popular videos:

    Subscribe to Moz’s YouTube channel


    This concludes our compilation of must-follow content marketing YouTube channels.

    From these channels, you will undoubtedly learn some amazing secrets and ways that will help you better your future efforts.

    Did we miss anything? Did you try these content marketing YouTube channels? Do you have any questions or comments? Share your thoughts below in the comments section.

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