Content marketing communities: 9 spam-free groups to discuss growth

Information about recent developments is insufficient when working as a content marketer. You need to be more than updated to uphold your edge over competitors.

That means engaging in conversations with like-minded individuals is essential, besides keeping up with the news daily.

If you join content marketing groups, its benefit is not limited to your firm or blog. It will help you build new connections, position yourself as a niche specialist, and develop new skills.

They are excellent sources to find a variety of viewpoints on a wide range of topics.

So here we present a selection of well-known content marketing forums that are great to join if you want to learn and gain more information.

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    Why join content marketing communities?

    Content marketing communities are online gathering spots for people from the industry to come together. A few advantages of content marketing forums include:

    Keep up with the latest information – Group members can exchange the latest happenings and knowledge and keep themselves updated on the industry standards. Veterans offer guidance to beginners as well in these groups.

    Niche down – There are bigger forums that don’t concentrate on one single issue, and smaller niche forums for professionals with a narrow focus.

    Connect with experienced professionals – You can find content marketing groups that offer guidance, started by masters in the field. There are also groups made by people who share your interests to exchange useful material and tips.

    Best content marketing forums

    These content marketing forums can help you build connections, gain information, and upscale your skills in your area of specialization.


    You must be aware of WarriorForum. It is one of the most well-known content marketing groups. It offers its members a range of subjects to get into.

    WarriorForum's homepage


    WickedFire is also an excellent content marketing forum you can join, despite the many people in the group being full of themselves.

    That’s how the forum is, with nothing to cover up. You can find exciting interactions on subjects such as Affiliate Marketing and SEO.

    Wickedfire's homepage


    BlackHatWorld is another of the biggest content marketing communities.

    You can consider this community as the marketer’s go-to place as you can get help, share learning, purchase and sell services, and gain customers from this particular forum.

    This website contains 75% black-hat content that, if not appropriately examined, has the potential to ruin anyone’s website.

    But what about the remaining 25%? You can find valuable insights on this forum, and websites that will provide high-quality backlinks at no cost.

    BlackHatWorld's homepage


    SitePoint stands as an ideal community, especially if you are a new user.

    Many group members have programming and web development skills, and everyone is amiable and inclined to provide a helping hand.

    The marketing-related segments of the community include discussions on eCommerce, digital marketing, and other business-focused subjects.

    The website is also developing other aspects of itself, which shows growth in the community.

    SitePoint's forum page

    Content marketing – Quora

    Quora is unlike any other direct community; it aims to aid its users in discovering solutions to their queries.

    But, when examined, each category of the site can, in reality, function as groups where users can post questions and be involved.

    Quora has tonnes of marketing-related questions. So before you ask a question whose solution already exists, don’t forget to do a quick scan and check what pops up.

    Quora's search result for topic 'content marketing'

    Moz Q and A

    Domain Authority is a website metric generally known to everyone in the field of content marketing.

    The person who coined the term “Domain Authority” has a group that does not function like a discussion-based group; instead, it works like a question-and-answer site (like Quora).

    You can enquire about any aspect of SEO and content marketing, and the brilliant people at Moz will respond.

    The Moz Q&A forum interface

    Online Geniuses – Slack

    OnlineGeniuses is a free workspace created by David Markovich, a pioneer in the field of internet marketing. It covers every imaginable subject related to the industry, such as content marketing.

    Members can help one another locate employment and networking possibilities or exchange knowledge and recent developments. Users can attend live events that are frequently held throughout America.

    Moreover, they consistently conduct interactive discussions with experienced professionals like Gary Vaynerchuk, Dmitry Gerasimenko, or Rand Fishkin.

    In nearly every way, OnlineGeniuses is a community. It has survived because of its dedication to excellence.

    Every applicant must undergo screening to enter the forum to sustain the integrity of the conversations.

    Online Geniuses's sign up page

    Growmance – Slack

    Growmance is a Slack workspace established by Ondrej Kubala to share his knowledge with other business experts for free.

    He enjoyed talking about the subjects linked with his profession, and his excitement attracted the attention of his colleagues.

    The discussions regarding development, marketing, recent advancements, and recommendations have drawn participants from various parts of the world.

    There is also a channel for employment offers that provides relevant opportunities.

    Growmance's signup page

    Marketers Chat – Slack

    Marketers Chat is a Slack workspace for marketing. It is a great place for a group of content marketers and affiliates to interact with one another.

    There are a variety of channels dedicated to facilitating interactions on various subjects, such as content marketing tools, SEO, pay-per-click advertising, content marketing, and blogging.

    People from the industry are motivated to exchange techniques and recent changes to benefit one another. Participants comprise newbies, business owners, and other experts in the sector.

    There are channels to advertise your business, hunt for opportunities, and share the latest happenings, much like in other forums.

    Sign up page of Marketers Chat

    Final thoughts on content marketing groups

    Content marketing communities will meet your needs, no matter what you want. Being part of a real-world group or a digital group is very similar.

    There will be those who regularly impose the core regulations, so you must abide by them.

    Before becoming a member of any content marketing community, study the basic regulations carefully, so you won’t have to suffer later.

    Did we miss anything? Did you try these groups? Do you have any questions or comments? Share your thoughts below in the comments section.

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