Content marketing experts: 15 thought leaders to follow in 2023

Content marketing can help you improve your brand awareness. In today’s new media age, it is crucial for businesses.

So, if you are on a watch out for tactics to market your brand new company or just curious to learn about top content marketing influencers, you are in the right place.

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    Content marketing experts

    The following list of top content marketing experts is not in any specific sequence. Because we cannot possibly rank these content marketing thought leaders one above another.

    Michael Brenner

    Micheal Brenner is the owner of the Marketing Insider Group, a flourishing content marketing and consulting company. He is a globally recognized featured speaker who talks on subjects like marketing and leadership.

    Content marketing thought leader Micheal Brenner

    In addition to that, Michael has written two chart-topping books on marketing and leadership. And got his work published in The Guardian and The Economist. Not just that. He was recognized as Top Business Speaker and Top CMO Influencer by Huffington Post and Forbes, respectively.

    Michael gives credit for his accomplishments to the consumer-driven strategy he used for Fortune 500 companies and several startups. This content marketing expert has successfully managed marketing and sales campaigns for companies such as SAR and Nielsen.

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    Steve Farnsworth

    Steve Farnsworth specializes in online marketing and demand creation for B2B firms and is an author and content development strategist.

    He holds more than two decades of expertise in the industry and is into advanced technology.

    Content marketing thought leader Steve Farnsworth

    This content marketing expert has been the Head of Marketing at Axcient and the Director of Content Marketing at The Steveology Group. At the moment, he is working at Rezilion as the Director of Development.

    On top of that, Steve is the creator of Demand Marketing Organization, a blogging website that shares articles on content marketing and related topics.

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    Ross Simmonds

    Ross Simmonds is a one-of-a-kind content marketing expert, blog writer, speaker, and obsessed with new technologies.

    Plus, he established Foundation Inc, a B2B firm that assists businesses with content production, planning, and proper promotion (Ross’s favorite subject).

    Content marketing expert Ross Simmonds

    During the last decade, Ross has worked with a lot of companies including Fortune 500 firms and startups. His articles have been featured on notable sites like Forbes, Business Insider, and Huffington Post.

    Plus, he has helped B2B (business-to-business) firms in their growth and online marketing. That is what made him famous in the first place.

    Ross is also an engaging public speaker who delivers intriguing stories and useful lessons at industry conferences, Fortune 500 firms, and universities all over the world.

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    Rebecca Lieb

    Rebecca Lieb is a digital marketing and media expert who puts emphasis on content marketing and its blueprint. She has a long list of experiences on her resume including speaking at events, research analyst, strategic consultant, writer, and contributor.

    Content marketing influencer Rebecca Lieb.

    She has also partnered with a number of recognized global companies and Fortune 100 firms like Facebook (now Meta), Nestle, IBM, Cisco, as well as The Federal Reserve Bank of New York.

    Rebecca has given lectures on online marketing and media at Columbia, Stanford, and NYU Berlin. Also, she is an Amazon top-selling writer. Her book, Content Marketing, is a necessary read for employees at Dentsu’s Tokyo head offices.

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    Erika Heald

    Erika Heald is a content marketing advisor and chief author. This content marketing thought leader specializes in using content to generate positive outcomes for your brand.

    Content marketing influencer Erika Heald

    And she assists firms in their content marketing plans and operations. This results in an increased number of loyal buyers and prospects.

    Erika has twenty-plus years of expertise in content marketing and social media. She uses her knowledge to assist numerous firms like UnitedHealth Group, Anaplan, Slack, and The Northern California Human Resources Association.

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    Scott Abel

    Scott Abel is called “The Content Wrangler”, and so does his blog. His blog is about content management tactics and related subjects.

    He is a smart content strategist known worldwide for assisting brands in delivering top-notch content to the right prospects.

    Content marketing expert Scott Abel

    Not just that, he is an extremely in-demand public speaker who also speaks at content marketing seminars.

    Brand Quarterly Magazine recognized this content marketing expert as one of the top 50 influential marketing experts.

    Scott’s webinar is among the most famous content-oriented online seminars, and it grosses over ten thousand views every year.

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    Joanna Wiebe

    Joanna Wiebe is known as “the original conversion copywriter”. She is a cat lover and the creator of Copyhackers, a firm that assists other companies in creating products with the help of content, customization, separating audiences into different categories, and performance data.

    Content marketing expert Joanna Wiebe

    Her main role is that of a copywriter and trainer. And she thinks that copywriting is undervalued in the marketing and sales industry.

    For this reason, she uses the power of words to build a connection between businesses and their prospects.

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    Brian Clark

    Brian Clark is an author and founder of many online businesses devoted to marketing on the web.

    Content marketing expert Brian Clark

    Copyblogger is one such platform on which users learn to develop engaging content. It mainly focuses on content marketing and how its correct implementation is the key to a business’s growth in today’s online era.

    He also owns a newsletter called Umeployable (you must have often experienced the same). This self-development newsletter and source of information offers brilliant tactics to business owners and solo service providers.

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    Ann Handley

    Ann Handley is an author and the Wall Street Journal’s top-selling writer of books on content writing and marketing.

    You can find these books in 19 different languages, including Italian, Japanese, and Chinese, as they were translated.

    Content marketing expert Ann Handley

    This content marketing expert has a lot of followers on social media, mainly on her Twitter account. This resulted in her being recognized among the most influential marketers in business at the moment.

    Also, she has written critiques and bylines for magazines such as Entrepreneur Magazine, Wall Street Journal, and Huffington Post.

    Forbes identified Ann as a top thought leader. And IBM recognized her among the seven people who are in charge of determining the direction of modern marketing.

    Moreover, Ann is the owner of MarketinProfs, a company that provides marketing coaching and learning.

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    Jay Baer

    Jay Baer is a one-of-a-kind, well-known corporate strategist with 29 years of expertise in online marketing and buyer journey. He has advised numerous firms, which includes 36 Fortune 500 businesses.

    Content marketing thought leader Jay Baer

    And his consulting company offers advice and guidance on social media, content marketing, and consumer lifecycle to a few of the world’s largest companies.

    Jay is the New York Times chart-topping writer of six books.

    In addition to that, he is the best-in-class organizer of professional gatherings and public speaker on topics like user experience, marketing, and support service.

    As a result, he was enlisted in the Professional Speakers Hall of Fame. He is also a favored subject matter expert for the media houses such as USA Today and CBC.

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    Joe Pulizzi

    Joe Pulizzi is the Amazon chart-topping writer of content marketing books such as Killing Marketing, Content Inc., and Epic Content Marketing. Moreover, Joe established four businesses, one of them being The Tilt.

    Content marketing influencer Joe Pulizzi

    The Tilt is a newsletter and training program that shows content writers ways to effectively generate outcomes for their companies.

    As a result of his work, the Content Council presented him in 2014 with the “Lifetime Achievement Award”.

    Using his FM DJ voice talents, Joe also hosts a weekly podcast, “Content Inc.” for content creators who want to become content entrepreneurs.

    This content marketing expert organizes a podcast called “Content Inc”, which releases every week. This podcast is for content developers who intend to begin their own content business.

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    Pamela Wilson

    Pamela Wilson is a content strategist, corporate consultant, digital trainer, and author.

    She has authored three top-ranking content writing books. These books highlight her one-of-a-kind expertise in traditional and digital companies.

    Content marketing thought leader Pamela Wilson

    This content marketing influencer aims to support professionals in producing amazing content. It doesn’t matter whether they are gifted authors or not.

    Also, several magazines like The New York Times, Mashable, and Entrepreneur have featured Pamela’s work.

    She has been a speaker at several events in the US and conducted live webinars for hundreds of audience members.

    And you can sign up for Pamela’s email newsletter, which comes out once in seven days. In this newsletter, she addresses queries about content marketing.

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    Henneke Duistermaat

    Henneke Duistermaat is a corporate writer and strategist. And she describes herself as an “irreverent copywriter”.

    She has a professional blog, where she writes about her knowledge and expertise in developing your writing skills.

    Content marketing thought leader Henneke Duistermaat

    Henneke began her professional career in copywriting and then went on to pursue her love for blog writing.

    This content marketing expert got her articles published on renowned content-centric websites such as Entrepreneur and Copyblogger.

    Moreover, she has hosted online seminars on copywriting and has been the subject of interviews for some well-known magazines like and Forbes.

    Henneke was recognized among the “50 Incredible Women in Marketing to Follow” and “11 Digital Marketers to Watch” by the Search Engine Journal and AWeber, respectively.

    Her guidebooks and manuals on content marketing and copywriting have garnered outstanding feedback and are endorsed by industry professionals.

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    Robert Rose

    Robert Rose is a highly qualified public speaker, consultant, corporate strategist, and top-selling writer. He has completed a silver jubilee in assisting marketing authorities in the field.

    Content marketing expert Robert Ross

    His company, The Content Advisory has provided services to ten Fortune 100 firms in the past 12 years.

    And he has been doing public speaking for over two decades and addresses the audience every year at nearly 40 business gatherings around the globe.

    Not just that. Robert is the author of three top-selling books on topics like content planning and marketing. He has worked with a few of the best companies to create effective online and content tactics for them.

    Some of these firms are Microsoft, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, Adidas, Caterpillar, and Dell.

    Robert has also been the Chief Strategy Advisor at The Content Marketing Institute from the day company began operations in 2010.

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    Christoph Trappe

    Christoph Trappe is a content marketing expert, trainer, and writer who has one of the trendiest names on this expert’s lineup.

    He assists businesses in managing their content marketing initiatives. As a result, he has worked with many brands from different fields such as SaaS, nonprofits, publishing, healthcare, and technology.

    Content marketing influencer Christoph Trappe

    These businesses have experienced enhanced user engagement and sales after incorporating content.

    He also has a lot of expertise in managing groups of strategists, reporters, graphic designers, and content developers.

    Along with numerous other honors, he was recognized among the top 14 content marketers by and the Top 100 digital marketers in the world.

    Christoph is the author of four content marketing books. And he also organizes a renowned podcast and its live broadcasting called The Business Storytelling Podcast.

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    Christopher Jan Benitez

    Next on this list is a content marketing expert who likes to believe that three names are more catchy as compared to two, Christopher Jan Benitez. He is a self-employed SEO executive and content writer.

    He has helped many companies after switching his career to independent writing in 2013.

    Content marketing expert Christopher Jan Benitez

    His work got featured in some well-known SEO-focused magazines like Monitor Backlinks, Niche Pursuits, and Search Engine Journal.

    He incorporates white hat SEO methods (complying with Google’s rules) and assists companies in creating content plans for their official websites and blogging space.

    Plus, this content marketing influencer consistently posts original content on social media platforms for his hundreds of followers.

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    Conclusion: content marketing influencers

    Content marketing is a crucial method for companies to explore and execute. This is the case because many companies are shifting to the online world.

    And content marketing influencers can help you include content marketing in your business.

    Content marketing experts are important because only they can spread the word and impart latest, advanced tactics to business persons and settled firms.

    If you want success for your company, you can take inspiration from these content marketing thought leaders. You can also learn new stuff that you weren’t aware of before from these content marketing influencers.

    We truly wish that you find this blog post informative and that these inspiring people motivate you to achieve great things.

    Did we miss any top content marketing experts? Do you follow these content marketing thought leaders? Do you have any questions or comments? Share your thoughts below in the comments section.

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