6 best content marketing courses to level up your skills in 2023

Do you aim to become a thriving, successful content marketing professional?

A variety of courses on the subject are available to help you get better at your job. But there’s a catch. The number of content marketing courses you can choose from is actually so high that it gets tedious to filter out the good ones from the bad.

At Smemark, we have provided premier content marketing services to a diverse clientele. Our partners saw a direct increase in their gross sales from inbound marketing.

We have employed several people and recognize the skills a top-notch content marketing professional must have. So here you go! This is a list of the current most beneficial content marketing courses to help you gain the right skills.

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    Best content marketing courses

    You may be a complete beginner or an experienced pro. But don’t worry, there is a course for you. Regardless of your content marketing focus, these courses can help.

    DGMG University

    DGMG University is great for all content marketing professionals, but specifically for those involved in B2B marketing.

    Dave Gerhardt founded DGMG University. He’s part of the reason companies like Drift and Privy have the brand awareness they do. In this sector, he is perceived as a true powerhouse of unparalleled value.

    This content marketing course is not structured traditionally. It covers a diverse range of topics, from social media to personal branding to inbound marketing.

    Plus, it uses a multitude of educational materials to help you learn. These include frameworks, insightful case reports, video clips etc. You also get to join their Facebook forum- a goldmine for marketers looking to network.

    Quite a few well-known names from the industry are members and it’s always buzzing with activity. This particular perk alone gives you your money’s worth.

    Blogging for Business by Ahrefs

    Ahref’s blog is among the most prominent ones that provide excellent content marketing education. Yes, they target the right search queries and generate organic page visits. But what stands out is that the spotlight is always on the consumers’ inconveniences and experiences. This makes them very informational.

    Unsurprisingly, this course delivers that same quality too. It is one of the few top-tier, unpaid courses that we’re aware of.

    Ahref will probably be a part of your life as a content marketer. You’ll definitely need it if you’re into SEO (Google remains the reigning source for driving traffic).

    This gem of a course provides the content marketing training you need to transform into an expert. It’s also ideal for grasping the basics of SEO. You’ll learn how to identify content gaps and understand search intent. You’ll also get the hang of content distribution and conducting SEO analyses.

    Traffic Think Tank

    Similar to DGMG university, Traffic Think Tank’s course doesn’t follow a fixed, straightforward path. You are free to use different materials to learn content marketing at your own pace.

    You’re also introduced to a hub of professionals, comprising some of the top players in the game. They’re on Slack, regularly discussing the best and newest statistics and strategies. You won’t get this kind of learning from internet posts. It’s closely-guarded, invaluable insider information.

    The content marketing courses are of good quality and at times, a little broad. Media relations and growing backlinks are some of the SEO topics offered. You’ll also learn how to select the best search phrases and improve your product’s visibility and mass awareness.

    But once you’re done with the theory, you will get the best insights from interactions with industry gurus. Ian Howells, Matthew Howells-Barby, and Nick Eubank, the courses’ founders, all command a solid reputation in the field of SEO. They still actively work in the industry. Real, accomplished individuals.

    Content automation by Tommy Walker

    This is one of the few quality content marketing courses that’ll help you specialize in content automation. It’s a pretty unappreciated subject, particularly in scenarios involving large volumes of content.

    The course was created by Tommy Walker who managed content for Quickbooks. The company had to oversee about ten online blogs and several authors from different places. It’s very complicated to handle this type of project.

    So, to improve time and asset management, he started using software to automate redundant tasks. This resulted in a rise in cost-effectiveness, which is a great method to improve ROI. He also got more freedom to work on the broader strategies and focus on the bigger picture.

    All that said, not too many people utilize automation in this field. Using it to increase backlinks or analyze metrics will differentiate you from the herd.


    Siege Media knows the ins and outs of content, SEO, and generating backlinks. Their content marketing course will teach you all that they do to bring success to some of the topmost companies of the present (and future).

    You will learn from the best in the business, namely Ross Hudgens, Caroline Gilbert, and Vince Nero.

    They’ve disclosed the tactics that have brought consistent expansion to numerous companies over the past ten years.

    Imagine… All of that mature and hardened knowledge in one place, just for you.

    SiegeLearn teaches you how to generate ideas for different types of content and take them to fruition. It will also tell you how to reach larger audiences, get your page ranked higher, optimize your website, and a lot more.

    You, your website, and your professional partners will all benefit from this sort of exceptional content marketing training.

    Top content marketer course by Grow & Convert

    Top Content Marketer” by Grow & Convert is THE course for an exhaustive content marketing education. It is also an exclusive network of specialists you can interact with. That’s not all. You get free, additional learning resources too.

    It’s got abundant information and teaches you efficient content planning. Different success stories and business schemes provide supportive data. You also learn how to create, distribute, and improve content.

    But that group of experts is the exciting part. There are continuous conversations where you can resolve your doubts. Even better, sometimes legends like Brian Dean and Dave Gerhardt give you the answers you need through the live sessions!

    Over to you

    We intentionally skipped a large fraction of all the courses available on the internet. We prefer quality over quantity. You don’t need YellowPages for courses, do you? Everything here is actually going to help you.

    Did we miss anything? Did you try these content marketing courses? Do you have any questions or comments? Share your thoughts below in the comments section.

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