10 best freelance content marketing professionals for hire in 2023

Content marketing is all the rage. The need for knowledgeable online content marketing professionals is the highest it’s ever been. But companies are repeatedly let down by candidates with average work samples and poor marketing know-how.  

When you need help, which content marketing consultant or agency do you turn to?

You’ll be happy to know that there are qualified content marketers for hire whose work will bring you speedy returns. You won’t have to slog through developing homegrown solutions for your content marketing needs. We’re here to help you figure out the best people to hire.

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    Content marketing consultants for hire

    None of the people listed here approached us to be featured in this post. All of them are genuine content marketing professionals with impressive performance records. They deserve to be on this list.

    Hitesh Sahni

    Let’s start with me. If you have a B2B SaaS business and need help with content marketing and SEO, my team and I at Smemark can be of service. Our expertise lies in increasing a website’s organic visitors. We also focus on drawing consumers’ interest toward our clients’ products and services.

    Content marketing professional Hitesh Sahni

    We’ve built a name for ourselves for our quality content writing abilities and powerful brand messaging. We have a strong, thorough, and proven grip on content planning. You can get an appointment with us at no cost to understand how we can help you.   

    Notable clients: Piktochart, Sprinklr, Drip, and Tech.co.

    Maggie Patterson

    Maggie Patterson is an expert at creating case reports and interesting narratives for you to present to your consumers. She’s been generating riveting client success stories through her interviews for more than 15 years. When you partner with her, you will get well written case studies that will boost your conversions and revenue.

    Content marketer Maggie Patterson

    She mainly provides freelance content marketing services for small and medium-sized B2B enterprises, spanning a wide range of fields and functions. Besides case reports, she can provide many other solutions, some of which are related to writing blogs and email marketing. She also assists with ghostwriting, writing whitepapers, etc.

    Douglas Paton

    Douglas Paton is a content marketing consultant who can help you share your company’s narrative, exactly how you see it. His areas of focus include writing blogs, digital books and whitepapers. He can also help you with content for email marketing. All of these will help your company grow and assert its dominance.

    Content marketing consultant Douglas Paton

    He partners with small and medium-sized enterprises in the technology sector (covering all types of companies from supply-chain to software). He also works with companies that provide goods and services for the sports and travel industries. 

    Through engaging stories, he helps you build a relationship with your audience. He also uses data to choose those stories that will hold the most meaning and value.   

    Crystal Sykes

    The next content marketer for hire on our list is Crystal. She enjoys creating attractive content packed with helpful information to help small companies grow their site visits and revenue.

    Content marketing professional Crystal Sykes

    Along with her impeccable grammar, she brings incredible variety to her subjects of expertise. They are dining and wine, pets, law, and jewelry.

    If her writing appeals to you but your company belongs to a different industry, don’t hesitate to send her an email. She’ll let you know whether she’s worked on that topic before and can write for you. 

    She holds a Bachelor’s degree in English with a focus on creative writing. She’s also certified by AWAI as a copywriter.

    Her range of freelance content marketing services is vast. It includes writing content for blogs and articles, emails, sales copy, online books, and educational programs. She can also help with your content plan and take aesthetic photos of foods.

    Dustin Walker

    Dustin Walker‘s work provides you with visible outcomes. For that, he uses the perfect combination of a solid content plan and well-written copy. What makes him unique is that he truly focuses on understanding customers’ needs and issues.

    By merging an effective marketing plan with tested tactics for inducing customers, he delivers content that brings real growth.

    Content marketing consultant Dustin Walker

    His primary services include email marketing, developing a brand’s voice, and improving landing pages.  

    Joe Nattress

    Joe Nattress specializes in writing sales copy and crafting solid marketing plans. He is eager to help companies spread positivity and goodness through his work.

    Content marketer Joe Nattress

    He’s great at creating narratives that are full of warmth and compassion. His knowledge and expertise in freelance content marketing will really help you connect with people. He also knows how to coax and convince your audience. Performing groundwork and analysis, and expressing difficult concepts in simple words, are some of his other talents.

    He’s skilled at winning over consumers and sponsors, and keeping them attached to a business. He achieves this by creating a variety of content. This includes informative posts, blog write-ups, digital books, and website and landing page content. He also writes automatic email responses and targeted sales-generating content.

    Pam Moore

    Pam Moore has been working as an online marketer and helping companies with their brand image for over 25 years. She’s written a top-selling book and anchors her own podcast. She has also spoken at international meets as the key speaker. 

    Content marketing consultant Pam Moore

    Marketing Nutz, the company she founded, deals with marketing on social platforms. It offers related coaching and consultation services too. She was placed among the top ten ‘Social Media Power Influencers’ by Forbes.                                      

    Michael Brenner

    Michael Brenner, a successful writer whose work is both widely sold and appreciated, is the CEO of Marketing Insider Group. He is a world-renowned speaker, often delivering the central, opening addresses at meets. He talks about several topics such as content marketing, how to be a strong leader, and life and society too.

    Content marketing professional Michael Brenner

    The Huffington Post and Forbes awarded him the recognition of “Top Business Speaker” and “Top CMO Influencer” respectively, in 2017.

    Natalia Gomez

    For companies that have a deeper social or ethical purpose, Natalia Gomez is the ideal content marketing consultant. She will help your business get seen on the internet by improving your SEO practices, creating engaging site content, and weaving compelling narratives into all her work.

    Content marketing consultant Natalia Gomez

    Her services include writing content for blogs and newsletters, and creating content plans. She can also help increase the consumers’ interest in your brand and write content to boost your sales.

    She works with green companies, businesses involved in health and well-being, and with clean and conscious organizations in general. She’ll identify your company’s core intention and help your message reach larger audiences.

    Aleyda Solis

    Aleyda writes for quite a few popular websites, some of which include Search Engine Land, Search Engine Journal and Moz. She also has international experience speaking at over 100 conventions, held across 20 countries.

    Content marketer Aleyda Solis

    She is an accomplished and awarded SEO advisor. She’s also a writer and has her own company called Orainti. Her accomplishments really do make her one of the best content marketers for hire.

    Over to you

    Brands that do content marketing well today didn’t achieve success overnight. They grew their professional connections and interacted with people in their market. They also selected talented content marketing professionals and optimized their content marketing plan

    Only after showing consistent efforts over long periods of time did they become proficient in marketing.

    You have a lot of things on your mind. It’s not worth it to worry about content marketing and get drawn away from your company’s principal functions. Hand that task over to one of these experienced content marketers for hire, instead. 

    Did we miss anything? Did you talk to any of these professionals? Do you have any questions or comments? Share your thoughts below in the comments section.

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