Brafton review: is it the right content marketing agency for your needs?

Content creation can be an incredibly successful component of your marketing plan.

The key factor to take into account before employing this strategy is to make sure that you have the talent and resources to produce quality content.

For the majority of companies, this is not the case.

For that reason, you’ll need to either recruit full-time writers or hire a content writing agency like Brafton for your needs.

This Brafton review helps you decide whether Brafton is a perfect match for your content needs.

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    What is Brafton?

    Before starting our Brafton review, let’s take a look at what is Brafton. Brafton was established in 1998 with its headquarters in Boston, Massachusetts.

    It is a complete content marketing services provider. They are proficient in helping startups and mid-size companies develop and execute successful content marketing tactics.

    Brafton is a reputable marketing agency with a solid track sheet of effectively handling customers from around the globe.

    Homepage of Brafton

    The agency can assist you in fulfilling all of your content marketing requirements.

    They offer a lot of practical solutions compared to their digital alternatives like employing independent writers on sites like Upwork.

    But obviously, for a better quality of work, you must anticipate spending substantially more compared to those alternatives.

    How does Brafton work?

    To collaborate with Brafton, visit their site and submit an online form to describe the kind of content you wish to be created.

    For instance, blog articles, product summaries, digital books, screenplays, or something else.

    They will inquire regarding the depth of analysis needed in your content and whether you like it to be SEO friendly.

    After that, they will ask for some more details in order to offer you a customized package based on the content you need.

    Brafton will then reach out to talk about your exact requirements and appoint you an account manager.

    Brafton reviews

    As per Clutch’s website, Brafton got 4.8/5 stars. This score is determined by 28 reviews. Brafton’s ratings on are remarkably positive at 5/5 stars as well. Although this is based on just 12 reviews.

    The agency mainly collaborates with big and mid-sized companies, and a handful of startups.

    Clutch's page for Brafton reviews

    Based on the reviews, there are many comments saying that the agency provides excellent customer care and creates exceptional content. They can assist you with each component of your content marketing plan.

    As mentioned by previous customers, there is one disadvantage of working with Brafton. That is with regards to the price, Brafton is on the expensive end.

    Brafton key features

    Expert content writers – Brafton consists of skilled writers who are thoroughly verified by the agency.

    Various kinds of content – their team can create exceptional digital books, essays, whitepapers, blog articles, newsletters, and much else.

    Tailored quotes – they provide every customer with a package that is tailored to their marketing requirements.

    All-around solution – they provide a large number of practical solutions compared to the other content marketing companies.

    Brafton advantages

    Brafton works in various segments and consists of writers skilled in creating content for all of them. They provide a complete solution to each of your marketing requirements.

    For example, they’ll develop your marketing strategy, produce content, and assist you in distributing it.

    Brafton makes sure that the content created by them is completely original and plagiarism-free.

    As we’ve mentioned in this Brafton review, Brafton offers solutions that are much more practical in nature compared to its alternatives.

    For instance, their staff can assist you with researching content topics, analyzing keywords, creating content, and monitoring it to make sure it does well.

    This will cut down your spending by a lot because you won’t be employing any full-time marketing professionals.

    Brafton is not like most content marketing companies that operate entirely online. It has branches in Chicago, Boston, San Francisco, Auckland, Melbourne, London, and Sydney.

    So if you live in any of these locations, you can have a face-to-face meeting with your account manager.

    Brafton cons

    The biggest disadvantage of hiring Brafton is that the cost is much higher compared to freelance sites and other content marketing companies.

    But you must compare the additional expense with the content’s quality and the quality of solutions that you get from them.

    On top of that, you cannot establish a close connection with the writers that create your content because you work with an account manager.

    This creates a challenge to hire those writers if you ever want to have an internal team for your marketing efforts.

    Other writing agencies have considerably clear and upfront payment structures.

    Brafton pricing

    The last thing to consider in this Brafton review is their pricing. Brafton provides a unit-based payment structure with the cost of each unit being $100. Each unit is equal to 100 words for content writing.

    So by that logic, for a 100-word blog article, you’ll have to pay $100. It is considerably more costly compared to other companies.

    But you must consider that it covers stuff like SEO analysis and getting a reliable account manager.

    They’ll also likely give you a bulk discount if you need a considerable quantity of content to be created.

    Final thoughts and alternatives

    So that was our no-nonsense Brafton review. Do you need assurance that the content you get is exceptional, completely original, and SEO-friendly? If so, then working with Brafton can be a wise decision for your company and yourself.

    Brafton is an excellent pick if you wish to collaborate with a content marketing company that focuses on offering practical solutions. For example, unlike other agencies, they assign you a reliable account manager.

    Brafton can fulfill each of your content requirements, eliminating the need for you to employ internal staff.

    But, these quality solutions come at a cost that is far greater compared to many other alternatives.

    There are several excellent content marketing websites and companies available for you to choose from. So do your research and check the reviews before picking one.

    Did we miss anything in this Brafton review? Did you try working with Brafton? Do you have any questions or comments? Share your thoughts below in the comments section.

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    1 thought on “Brafton review: is it the right content marketing agency for your needs?”

    1. Brafton has been a huge letdown for our science/medical consulting company. Not only did they promise a number of things that they could not deliver on but they were pushing to purchase more units LONG before we had even made it through our initial unit purchase. The unit structure is not only too expensive (without the added value) but it is an absolute scam.

      Our business has shut down because the ownership was acquired by a much larger company. Tom Agnew of the Boston branch stated via email that “they do not have a mechanism for a refund” on unused units. It is a fairly large sum for what we have not used and they are using their unit structure to hold on to the money without having done the work for that money. They are what is the worst of modern business and companies should know about how they operate before choosing them.

      They do not have anything in any of their initial documentation stating that a refund was not possible if the business closed or no longer needed Brafton’s services. Now lawyers have to get involved. Complete rubbish. Considering your relatively glowing review, Brafton is not all of what they represent.

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