Brafton alternatives: 10 companies to consider for content marketing services

Content marketing is among the best methods to get in touch with your customers. It doesn’t require you to explicitly offer them your goods or solutions.

Understanding content marketing and integrating it with your marketing plan may take a while. A good option is to hire a company to guide you.

Brafton is one of the go-to choices, but it is possible that it’s not the right one for you. And looking for websites like Brafton might be difficult if you have no clue what and where to search for.

In order to help you, we’ve gathered some of the leading content marketing companies in this article that are similar to Brafton. So you can focus on discovering the most suitable company based on your requirements.

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    What is Brafton?

    Brafton is an online content marketing company that excels in content production, social media marketing, and SEO.

    With its branches in San Francisco and Chicago, Brafton provides content marketing solutions in various fields such as IT, education, telecommunications, finance, and the retail sector.

    Homepage of Brafton

    The agency is renowned in the market for assisting its customers with writing blog posts, newsletter content, infographics, marketing emails, and video creation.

    Notable clients: Canva, Epson, Cisco systems, and Citrix systems

    Top Brafton alternatives

    Multiple online companies and expert agencies offer content marketing solutions that are at the core of a company’s expansion plan.

    The Brafton alternatives in this article are the best at what they do, supported by their success stories in numerous fields.


    Smemark is a prize-winning content marketing company. We are proficient in content writing, pay-per-click ads, SEO, and improving conversion rates for B2B SaaS businesses.

    Homepage of Smemark - a Brafton alternative

    We’ve collaborated with multiple customers since our inception in 2015. We help boost the number of their search engine visitors and lead generation rate by over 500% in many cases.

    What makes us stand apart from the other Brafton alternatives is that we concentrate on pleasing visitors as well as the search platforms.

    This ensures that you retain good search engine positions and get new leads at a constant rate for a long time.

    Notable clients: Piktochart, Blink,, Sprinklr, and Drip.

    TOP Agency

    TOP Agency is an online marketing company similar to Brafton. They provide a large variety of solutions like media tie-ups, brand image management, niche authority, influencer collaborations, and content marketing.

    Homepage of TOP marketing agency

    The company offers a mix of tried and tested digital marketing tactics along with economical plans. They assist businesses with signing influencers, creating research-based initiatives, and producing content.

    Notable clients: Dronedeploy, Noiceaware, Marchex, and Appvance.


    Another great Brafton alternative in this article, Fractl is a complete advertising and marketing company. Their expertise lies in website designing, UX/UI designing, content creation, SEO, social media marketing, and many other solutions in this field.

    Homepage of Fractl

    They operate out of the UK, Leeds, San Diego, and Denver. The company provides solutions to a large variety of businesses in education, finance, e-commerce, logistics, supply chain, real estate, transport, healthcare, and automobile sectors.

    Notable clients: Discover, DirecTV, Fanatics, and Auto Nation.

    North Star Inbound

    North Star Inbound is a complete SEO, online public relations, and content marketing company and one of the top Brafton competitors. They excel in content marketing and SEO for startups and medium-sized businesses.

    Homepage of North Star Inbound

    Similar to Brafton, they provide a large variety of solutions to customers in finance, education, legal, real estate, media, healthcare, and ecommerce.

    Their staff consists of skilled online marketing professionals, PR experts, and content writers. They create text and visual content to get visitors to their clients’ sites.

    Notable clients: TaxAct, RetailMeNot, Intuit, and Home Advisors.

    Siege Media

    Siege Media is one of the leading Brafton competitors and an all-around content marketing company. They are well versed in content marketing solutions and search engine optimization.

    Homepage of Siege Media - a Brafton alternative

    With branches in San Diego and Los Angeles, the agency provides solutions to customers in finance, ecommerce, hospitality, leisure, media promotion, and marketing segments.

    Their group of skilled content writers and marketing professionals assist their customers to produce content that brings visitors to their site.

    Notable clients: TripAdvisor, Zillow, Airbnb, and Shutterfly.

    Toast Studio

    Toast Studio is an innovative website like Brafton proficient in social media marketing, content marketing, and video creation.

    Homepage of Toast Studio

    They operate out of Toronto and provide a large variety of solutions to customers in retail goods & services, IT, manufacturing, and telecommunication.

    Toast Studio is among the top Brafton competitors that assist its customers with its group of skilled online marketing professionals and content writers.

    They create and handle interesting search engine and social media content to boost their clients’ digital visibility.

    Notable clients: Radio-Canada/CBC, Bombardier, National Bank of Canada, and Hydro-Quebec.

    Bop Design

    Bop Design is a complete Brafton alternative. They excel in content marketing, website designing, social media marketing, and growth solutions for development-oriented businesses.

    Homepage of Bop Design - a Brafton alternative

    They provide a large variety of solutions to their customers in healthcare, telecommunications, manufacturing, education, business, and power and natural resources segments.

    Their team is especially proficient in content production that boosts online visibility and brings people to the customer’s site.

    Notable clients: ERP, HydraElectric, Biotech, and Tag.


    Brandpoint is an all-around Brafton alternative with expertise in content marketing, SEO, and PR solutions for businesses of different sizes.

    Homepage of Brandpoint

    The agency provides its solutions to customers in the healthcare, IT, business solutions, finance, and manufacturing segments.

    Their staff manages media acquisition, video creation, email marketing, and graphics designing for their customers as well.

    Notable clients: Deluxe, Weber Shandwick, Ad Council, and UNISYS.

    Page One Power

    Page One Power is a content marketing company similar to Brafton with expertise in content marketing and search engine optimization for medium-sized businesses.

    Homepage of Page One Power

    They provide solutions to customers in eCommerce, gaming, entertainment, music, art, education, dental, and promotion & marketing fields.

    Unlike other Brafton alternatives, Page One Power is renowned within its clientele for its robust conversational approach. They offer suggestions throughout the planning and implementation process of marketing initiatives.

    Notable clients: Bedley, Hanes, Atera, and Fiscal Tiger.

    Contentworks Agency

    The final Brafton alternative in this list, Contentworks is a content marketing website like Brafton. They are proficient in PR, social media marketing, marketing plan, and content marketing for majorly medium size businesses.

    Homepage of Contentworks - a Brafton alternative

    They provide solutions to their customers in the business sector, finance, and IT segments.

    The agency is famous for its promptness and quality of content in its clientele.

    Notable clients: DSX Exchange, Virtual Vision Finance, IFGM, and Qube Events.


    If executed properly, content marketing offers benefits to your customers, which then increases your company’s visibility, leads, and eventually sales.

    The greatest obstacle to get over when developing your content marketing strategy is to decide which type of content you have to produce. And how you can get it in front of your prospects.

    This is where the Brafton alternatives can assist you.

    Irrespective of your company’s size, hiring a content marketing company is among the best methods to implement an effective content marketing plan.

    Get in touch with us for a no-cost planning session right now.

    Did we miss anything? Did you try these Brafton alternatives? Do you have any questions or comments? Share your thoughts below in the comments section.

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