Animalz review: is it the right content marketing agency for your needs?

Do you seek a copywriting organization with whom you can collaborate? Content marketing is an effective part of your promotional strategy.

The most important element to consider before implementing this technique is to ensure that you have the skills and means to create exceptional material.

But as most businesses can understand, this is easier said than done. Because of this, you should hire permanent blog writers or recruit a content marketing company to fulfill your requirements. That’s where you can consider Animalz.

This blog post will cover various topics, including the advantages and drawbacks of working with Animalz, their costs, their key functions, and the opinions of their former and present customers.

Let’s begin this Animalz review with a quick rundown of the organization.

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    What is Animalz?

    Firstly, we’ll see what Animalz is and then continue with the Animalz review.

    Animalz is a content marketing organization headquartered in the U.S. It focuses on creating exceptional material for companies, like articles, industry reports, write-ups, electronic books, and so on.

    Besides that, they provide other solutions like acquiring leads and keyword analysis for SEO.

    Animalz website homepage

    Animalz is a renowned content marketing firm with a proven record of successfully managing clients worldwide. You can get help from the company to meet all your content marketing needs.

    They provide various hands-on services in contrast to their online competitors, like hiring freelance blog writers for websites such as Upwork.

    That being said, it goes without saying that superior performance will cost you far more than the other options.

    How does Animalz work?

    In order to team up with the organization, visit their contact page and answer a brief questionnaire describing your work and the kind of material you desire them to create.

    After that, the organization will get in touch with you to schedule the first consultation. Here, you will go over your write-up requirements thoroughly with their account supervisor.

    To partner with Animalz, you will have to define the type of material you want them to produce.

    For example, blog posts, e-commerce item descriptions, e-books, scripts, or any other type of content.

    The company will ask you about how comprehensive the research should be for your articles and if you want the content to be optimized for SEO.

    Then they will enquire further to provide you with a solution that is specifically tailored to your material requirement.

    When you have decided on the kind and number of materials you require, the organization will allocate your write-up task to single or multiple skilled content creators.

    Later, they will provide you with the deliverables within the predetermined period.

    Animalz provides significantly more practical solutions than its alternatives.

    But, if you want superior quality solutions, it will cost you higher than substitutes.

    Animalz key features

    Experienced copywriters – Animalz employs talented copywriters who have been carefully vetted by the company.

    Different types of materials – Their crew is capable of producing quality e-books, reports, industry reports, articles, emails, and so on.

    Customized packages – They offer each client a plan that suits their content marketing needs.

    Complete package – The company offers a wide range of hands-on remedies, unlike various content marketing organizations.

    Proficient in SEO – The organization claims that every piece of material they create is SEO-friendly to make sure it ranks better in search rankings.

    Animalz advantages

    Animalz employs large numbers of skilled authors who can create exceptional write-ups like thoroughly analyzed blog posts, e-commerce item summaries, and SEO-friendly articles.

    According to the organization, it has created write-ups for acclaimed customers like ZenDesk, Google, and GoDaddy. This implies that they create excellent materials.

    Animalz excels in writing for SaaS organizations. So, if your company deals in it, it is a suitable choice for you.

    Animalz even assists you with SEO, capturing leads, and building backlinks, along with creating text material.

    The organization appoints each customer a personal account supervisor who will work with them to create an editorial calendar for their company.

    The organization collaborates with each customer and develops a personalized plan to meet their content marketing requirements.

    In case you opt for lots of write-ups, there is a likelihood that you’ll receive a better deal.

    Animalz cons

    When you opt for Animalz for your write-up task, you may not always receive the same copywriter. As a result, you may have trouble sticking to your brand voice.

    Content creators at organizations such as Animalz are often fickle. So it’s hard to build a collaboration that stays for years. In contrast, when you work directly with freelance writers, you don’t face this problem.

    If you want to know what working with Animalz will cost you, the only way is to contact them. There is no pricing information available on their website pages. Even if you take a look at their reviews, it’s not easy to get a sense of how much they charge.

    Having said that, you are getting better quality of work and engagement from the company. So even though you may end up paying more than other alternatives, the pricing may be worth it.

    Also, the absence of any testimonials on well-known review websites like Trustpilot and G2 doesn’t make it easy to guess the quality of your deliverables.

    Animalz pricing

    Last but not least, we come to the question of cost. As discussed before in this Animalz review, Animalz doesn’t include pricing information on its site.

    But you can see their client list. It shows that the company works with some of the biggest brands in the technology space. So it’s safe to assume that their pricing will reflect this reputation and level of quality.

    So make sure to get a transparent package with all the information in advance. Don’t jump into working with Animalz without due diligence.

    Final thoughts on Animalz review

    That brings us to the end of our straightforward Animalz review. So when considering to collaborate with a content marketing agency with practical solutions and expert creators, Animalz deserves to be on your list.

    It is a complete content marketing services provider that can meet all your brand’s content needs and deliver quality work.

    But as mentioned before in this Animalz review, don’t be surprised if you get a quote with higher pricing than the rest of the industry.

    If the pricing doesn’t work, there are a lot of alternatives that you can look for. Many of those are capable of producing stellar content with a lower price tag.

    Did we miss anything in this Animalz review? Did you try working with Animalz? Do you have any questions or comments? Share your thoughts below in the comments section.

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