Animalz alternatives: 10 companies known for content marketing services

Searching for an agency to create content? Then Animalz is an organization that you ought to think about. But it’s not the only option. There are alternatives.

Here, I will talk about them in detail. Having said that, it’s better to begin with an overview of Animalz.

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    Animalz overview

    Animalz is an American content marketing firm known for creating premium materials for its clients. This firm’s services include blog articles, reports, write-ups, digital books, etc. Besides, they provide solutions like acquiring leads and keyword exploration for SEO.

    Homepage of Animalz

    To collaborate with Animalz, you can visit their web page and complete a questionnaire about your organization and the kinds of material you want. After you submit that, the firm will get in touch with you to schedule a consultation. You can review your article requirements thoroughly with the customer executive during consultation.

    After your approval on the kind of material and the amount, the firm will allot your consignment to their professional content creators. Then the creators will send the final material to you within the specified timeline.

    You will experience better interaction and direct involvement while associating with Animalz compared to other content-writing firms. But opting for a better solution will cost you higher than the alternatives.

    Top Animalz alternatives

    Do you want to collaborate with a content marketing firm that has skilled content creators and offers practical solutions? If yes, then Animalz can be a suitable option for you.

    However, there are plenty of other great options for you to consider, many of which will cost your company a lot less but still result in high-quality content.


    Smemark is an award-winning content marketing firm. Smemark is known for services like content creation, pay-per-click advertising, SEO, and conversion optimization for B2B SaaS enterprises.

    Homepage of Smemark - an Animalz alternative

    Since our beginning in 2015, we have worked with many clients. We assisted them by increasing their search engine traffic and lead acquisition percentage by more than 500% in multiple scenarios.

    We are different from the other Animalz alternatives because we focus on both people and search engines.

    This helps you maintain strong search engine rankings and receive fresh leads consistently for a prolonged period.

    Eminent customers: Piktochart, Blink,, Sprinklr, and Drip.

    TOP Agency

    TOP Agency is a digital marketing firm similar to Animalz. This firm is known for offering a wide range of services. Its services include media collaborations, brand reputation development, market leadership, influencer partnerships, content marketing, etc.

    Homepage of TOP marketing agency

    The firm provides a variety of proven online marketing strategies in cost-effective packages. Besides, they help clients with recruiting influencers, preparing data-oriented campaigns, content creation, etc.

    Renowned customers: Marchex, Dronedeploy, Appvance, and Noiceaware.


    One more excellent Animalz alternative is Fractl. Fractl is a full-fledged content marketing firm. This firm is specialized in website development, outlining user experience, content development, SEO, social network marketing, and a variety of related services.

    Homepage of Fractl

    Fractl has offices in San Diego, Leeds, Denver, and the UK. The firm offers its services to a wide range of companies. Its clients are from sectors like academics, banking, online commerce, transportation, distribution, housing, medical, and automotive.

    Noteworthy clientele: Fanatics, Discover, Auto Nation, and DirecTV.

    North Star Inbound

    North Star Inbound, a major Animalz competitor, is a comprehensive SEO, digital PR, and content marketing firm. The firm specializes in content marketing and SEO for new, emerging firms and medium-sized companies.

    Homepage of North Star Inbound

    Similar to Animalz, this firm offers a wide range of services to its clients across multiple industries, catering to their needs. The clients are from sectors like banking, academics, judicial, housing, entertainment, medical, and online commerce.

    North Star Inbound has a team of talented digital marketers, public relations specialists, and content creators. They develop written and graphic material to drive traffic to the websites of their clients.

    Noteworthy clientele: Home Advisors, RetailMeNot, TaxAct, and Intruit.

    Siege Media

    Siege Media, a top Animalz competitor, is a full-fledged content marketing firm. This firm specializes in SEO and content marketing services.

    Homepage of Siege Media - an Animalz alternative

    With its offices in Los Angeles and San Diego, Siege Media offers services to clients in different companies. It caters to customers in the advertising, online commerce, hotel, recreational, banking, and promotional sectors.

    Siege Media’s team of expert content creators and marketing specialists collaborate with their customers to understand their requirements. Then they create materials that drive traffic to their client’s web page.

    Renowned customers: Airbnb, Shutterfly, Zillow, and TripAdvisor.

    Toast Studio

    Toast Studio is a creative firm similar to Animalz. This firm specializes in content marketing, producing videos, and social network marketing.

    Homepage of Toast Studio - a website like Animalz

    This Toronto-based firm offers a wide range of services to its clients. Its clients are from sectors like telecom, B2C merchandise, production, and technology.

    Toast Studio is one of the leading Animalz alternatives with a team of expert content creators and digital marketers to serve its clients.

    This team of professionals develops and manages engaging SEO and digital media content enhancing their customers’ online presence.

    Noteworthy clientele: National Bank of Canada, Hydro-Quebec, Radio-Canada/CBC, and Bombardier.

    Bop Design

    Bop Design is a full-fledged alternative to Animalz. This firm is known for services like social network marketing, content marketing, web page development, and expansion strategies for growth-oriented enterprises.

    Homepage of Bop Design - an Animalz alternative

    This firm offers a wide range of services to its clients in telecom, energy, academics, production, commercial, natural deposits, and medical sectors.

    Bop Design has a group of extremely skilled content creators. Their specialized content increases online exposure and drives traffic to the client’s web page.

    Eminent customers: Biotech, HydraElectric, Tag, and ERP.


    A comprehensive substitute for Animalz, Brandpoint is specialized in public relations, content marketing, and SEO for companies of various levels.

    Homepage of Brandpoint

    This firm offers its services to clients in the operations, banking, technology, commercial services, and medical sectors.

    Brandpoint’s team handles video production, media placement, email campaign, and creating visual assets for their clients.

    Renowned customers: Ad Council, Deluxe, UNISYS, and Weber Shandwick.

    Page One Power

    Page One Power is a content marketing firm similar to Animalz, proficient in SEO and content marketing for medium-sized enterprises.

    Homepage of Page One Power

    This firm offers its services to clients in sectors like academics, audio production, games, artwork, recreation, advertising, dentistry, and online commerce.

    In contrast to other Animalz alternatives, Page One Power is famous among its clients for its solid interactive strategy. This firm provides recommendations during the whole marketing campaign lifecycle from designing to the execution stage.

    Noteworthy clientele: Atera, Fiscal Tiger, Hanes, and Bedley.

    Contentworks Agency

    Contentworks, the last Animalz alternative on this listing, is a content marketing firm similar to Animalz. This firm has expertise in social network marketing, marketing strategy, content marketing, and public relations primarily for medium-sized enterprises.

    Homepage of Contentworks - an Animalz alternative

    Contentworks offers its services to clients in different sectors like banking, technology, and commercial.

    This firm is known among its clients for its content excellence and fast communication.

    Renowned customers: Qube Events, IFGM, Virtual Vision Finance, and DSX Exchange.

    Conclusion: Animalz alternatives

    If implemented correctly, content marketing provides advantages to your clients by boosting their online presence, lead generation, and subsequently, their revenue.

    The hardest part to overcome while creating your content marketing plan is to determine the kind of content that needs to be developed. Also, you need to plan on how you might make it available to your target market.

    Animalz is a full-fledged content marketing firm that can create high-quality content for your business. But its solutions can cost you significantly higher than other content writing agencies or freelancers.

    The Animalz alternatives can be useful in this situation. Regardless of the scale of your company, employing a content marketing firm is one of the excellent choices to create an efficient content marketing strategy.

    Contact us right now for a free consultation. Did I leave anything out? Have you tried any of these Animalz alternatives? Do you have any comments or questions? Share your opinions in the comments box below.

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