Smemark is a digital services agency led by global online marketing expert, Hitesh Sahni. We believe there is a better approach to digital design, development, content and marketing. We're passionate about it, and our mission is to help people achieve it.

With over a decade of industry experience, we’ve developed powerful packages and processes that help us provide clients with a full range of integrated services with low risk and high return. Our custom strategy creation and execution helps companies boost growth and inspire trust.

To become the one and only distinguished digital outsourcing company internationally with the aim of developing the latest and clear cut technical solutions to help our partners achieving strategic growth and excellence in the competitive business environment.


To be the ideal innovative partner and offer reliable  solutions, expert knowledge, skills and ability to deal with complex challenges. We see problems as opportunities and add value to your project by adopting cost-effective and innovative solutions to increase efficiency.

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Let's build a custom digital outsourcing solution for your business

Want to get more done, but don’t have the time? Quality and efficiency is what you should strive for. Smemark has top talent ready to start and at your fingertips that you can tap into as needed. Hire our team to outsource effective digital activities to engage your audience and add more value to your bottom line. 

You're in good company

As long term clients and partners, some of the world's best companies trust Smemark to deliver on their expectations.

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Our services comes with a risk-free money back guarantee. If for any reason there’s some kind of problem with your order, you can expect to be informed of our difficulties, and receive a full refund for that order.

Businesses, work with the best talent for your project

If you're a company looking for help, Smemark can provide the best workflow and people for your job. All you have to do is describe what you want and post your project. Our experience measured by dozens of successfully completed projects, with extensive knowledge with developing complex technical and strategic solutions.

Job seekers, work on challenging projects with leading businesses

Regardless of whether you're new (in which case we'll train you), or a ninja with a 100 skills and 200 years of experience on your belt, Smemark can help you land your next big job or project. Applying to Smemark is quick and easy and you can start building your digital career with us right away.

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