5 Places To Source Quality Content For Your Online Business In 2017

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Once you’re clear on the structure and nature of content you need, the next big question is how you’re going to get high-quality content.

It’s good if you have some writing talent, but it’s not necessary.

You can get by for some time by doing all the writing yourself, but sooner or later when business is growing and there are lot of other activities calling for your attention, you’re going to need extra writers.

So you need to learn everything from what goes into incredible content and writing yourself to hiring writers and outsourcing, irrespective of whether you plan to write yourself or not.

Here are the sources from where you can get quality content for your internet business.

#1: Freelance Marketplaces

Top Platforms: Fiverr, Upwork, People Per Hour

There are many websites which connect business owners with freelance writers. You post a project with your requirements and people interested in writing for you will bid on the project.

Although you’ll be able to find a lot of people willing to write for cheap, the problem with this source is that it can be a hit or miss to get high quality content.

Most of the applications you get are low quality. This means that they are from first time writers who aren’t experienced in writing content for the web. On top of that, they aren’t fluent enough in English language.

That’s not say all the people are same. There are definitely many good writers on these sites but it takes some time to sift through, try out and find the winners.

Once you hire the writer and fund the project, the writer will not be paid until they deliver the work and you’re satisfied with the outcome.

#2: PLR Marketplaces

PLR means Private Label Rights. You can buy pre-written (readymade) articles from these websites and you’ll have full rights to use them as you want.

Whether you want to edit them, publish them on your website or blog, sell them as an ebook or report, it’s upto you.

The upside here is that the quality of content is better than what you get from freelance marketplaces when you hire cheap writers for pennies. In fact, most PLR websites highlight that the content is written by native english writers.

But there are too many negatives which outweigh this positive.

#1. You lose control – The genie is already out of the bottle. The content has already been written on pre-defined topics. You had no say in those topics.

#2. Duplicacy issues – Just as you bought the content from the PLR website, so can many others and put it on their website. It’s bad for visitor experience because your site doesn’t offer anything new or unique.

And it’s bad for SEO for duplicate content would damage your rankings on relevant keywords.

So buying PLR content is justified only if you are going to edit it heavily before using it, and you bought it only because you didn’t want to start from scratch and needed something on paper to begin with.

#3: Writing Job Boards

These platforms are more serious about quality of both projects as well as writers. As a result, some of them also charge you a flat amount for posting your requirements.

So the quality of writers you find here will be somewhat better and the cost to hire them will be a bit more than the generic marketplaces we discussed above.

Another thing to keep in mind is that your own due diligence is necessary before you hire and pay a writer. There is no escrow like system to protect you (which was a big benefit of using freelance marketplaces discussed in #1).

Whatever you pay will be directly to the freelancer. There’s no mediator to settle disputes.

#4: Niche Publications & Guest Posts

Top Platforms: Websites, Blogs & Magazines Related To Your Niche.

This is my favorite way to find writers to outsource content writing. You’ll have to shell out a bit more money, but it’ll take the least time and hassle to find quality writers and get the best content. In fact, you end up finding awesome freelancers without even trying.

No matter what business you’re in, I am sure you set aside some time every day to read popular blogs and websites related to your niche.

So the next time you visit your favorite online magazine and really like an article, scroll below and you’ll most likely see a small author bio.

The bio will usually tells you who wrote the piece and how you can connect with them. In many cases, chances are that the content you loved was written by a freelance writer who’s available for work.

You avoid the hassle of going through applications and interviews because you already witnessed their work. So you know he’s professional and good at writing. The only part left is sending a message to confirm the writer’s availability and negotiating price.

#5: Write Yourself

If you have the time and willingness, writing content isn’t as hard as it seems. You could do wonders with a little practice.

If you can write an email to a friend explaining what you’re upto these days, then you can write content for your internet business.

Writing content online is not very different from conversing with a friend. In fact, it’ll be more engaging for your readers if your content isn’t very formal and lets your real personality come through. Even better if you have a good amount of knowledge in topics related to your niche.

If not, no worries. the internet has made it easy to research information, learn from different sources and put together together a piece of content in your own words.

Conclusion – Use What Works For You

This article will help you start on the right foot and get content for your website. But note that being able to source content is one thing, and making sure the content is written for the web is another.

You can get all the traffic you want to your website but if your content is not great and not moving people to act, you won’t get customers or make any money.

So here’s a list of ingredients that go into creating the kind of content that converts visitors into leads, and leads into customers.

[highlight color=#f9f9c1]7-Point Checklist To Share With Your Content Writer (Or Write Yourself)[/highlight]

This will come handy when you’re writing content, or to share with the content writer you hire for your business.

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