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Constantly pushing to improve your long-term marketing ROI? We pride ourselves on beating the competition by building meaningful connections with your audience through SEO, PPC, and Analytics.

We believe that behind every click is a person, and we help these people find your business.

We have armed hundreds of individuals and businesses worldwide with marketing communications and outreach to build a solid brand, generate leads and grow sales. 

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Why You'll Love US

Qualified Leads

Leads we generate are real customers looking online for products and services right now, with up-to-date names, emails and phone numbers.

Sustainable Growth

We keep nurturing leads, establishing trust and building your brand to sell the most when it's time to push your products/services to make money.

Performance Driven

Don't pay for rankings, clicks or some other shallow metric, but for leads & sales. We charge a fixed flat fee + a result based fee per month. 


Whether we’re providing SEO recommendations, producing content, building an audience, or helping measure the whole thing, our skills help clients put the right message in front of the right audience at the right time

Content Marketing

We'll improve your business performance with data-driven, and engaging content, by establishing you as an authority in your niche. 

Online Advertising

Whether remarketing, social, or search ads, we’ll constantly optimize and hustle to ensure we’re making the most of your budgets.

Product Photo Editing

Get your product images edited or retouched for any eCommerce platform or marketplace you are selling on and watch sales grow

Web App Development

Our experts will deliver a clean, well-coded, mobile responsive web application or portal as per your exact needs and business model

Sales Funnel CRO

We'll understand your users’ and clear out their path to conversion so you can turn your existing traffic into more leads and revenue

Social Media

Raise brand awareness and website traffic, attract potential customers by taking your social media presence to a whole new level

Website/Blog Design

Our experts will build a WordPress based, mobile responsive website, e-store, landing page or blog designed to grow your brand

Link Building/PR

Whether running campaigns for social interactions, backlinks or press coverage, our team knows what to do and how to get it done.

Search (SEO/PPC)

We approach search marketing  with proven, long-term content strategies that directly impact your lead generation and bottom line


Whether your goal is brand awareness, lead generation or sales, we can develop great content for any stage of your sales funnel

Discover How To Craft A Killer Message To Influence Your Prospects

Download our 50-page guide on how to connect with potential customers, investors, and reporters to grow your business, raise funds and get featured in the media, with real examples and proven templates, free!

What Clients Are Saying

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Hitesh is known for solid conversion-optimization, content and link-building strategies. If you want to take your business to the next level, you must pick his brain!

Ian Anderson Select Performers

I have worked with Smemark on several copywriting and social media projects. The communication, competence, and professionalism are on point!

Gabriel Wallace 4G Leadership

Smemark has outperformed what any PR or content marketing agencies have ever done for us. Partnership with Hitesh has been a pivotal point in our success.

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hitesh sahni

About Us

Led by the founder, Hitesh Sahni, our core team is a bunch of smart, quirky, creative individuals who want to make a difference for our clients and a difference in the world. 

Hitesh Sahni is a top-rated marketing communications consultant, copywriter, and outreach expert helping startups and small businesses worldwide generate leads and sales online. He is also a frequent speaker at local entrepreneurship and marketing events.

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