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Unlike the more intrusive methods of marketing where you draw the consumer’s attention away from what they want, content marketing is concerned with drawing in the millions who are already searching for solution to problems solved by your product or service. 

As a content marketing & copywriting agency, we analyze your content gaps, uncover the best opportunities, and create solid content for your online success. Whether your goal is to create awareness among prospects, generate leads or get your leads to make a purchase, we can develop exceptional content for any context or stage of your sales funnel.

And we know that even the most stellar content won't work without adequate promotion. So as your content strategist of choice, we also handle all marketing and outreach to prospects and influencers, leading to a sustainable competitive advantage.

Why Choose Smemark

Performance Driven

Don't pay for rankings, clicks or some other shallow metric, but for leads, sales and brand awareness. We charge a fixed flat fee + a result based fee per month.


Every month, we provide a complete report of your progress. So you are never left in the dark and know exactly what you’re getting for your money.

Far Sighted

We keep nurturing leads, building trust and establishing your brand to sell the most when it's time to push your products and services to make the most money.

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What The Clients Say

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I have worked with Smemark on several copywriting and social media projects. The communication, competence, and professionalism are on point!

Gabriel Wallace 4G Leadership

I am very impressed. Hitesh’s communication is fast, and writing is fresh and speaks to my audience. Advertising performance was seriously really good!

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Smemark has outperformed what any PR or content marketing agencies have ever done for us. Partnership with Hitesh has been a pivotal point in our success.

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hitesh sahni

About Us

Led by the founder, Hitesh Sahni, our core team is a bunch of smart, quirky, creative individuals who want to make a difference for our clients and a difference in the world. 

Hitesh Sahni is a top-rated content strategist, copywriter, and outreach expert helping startups and small businesses worldwide generate leads and sales online. 

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